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What El Pirata de Culiacán’s grave looks like

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tomb of the Pirate of Culiacán, murder, Mexico, Zapopan, MundoNOW / tumba El Pirata de Culiacán, asesinato, México, Zapopan, MundoNOW
El Pirata de Culiacán's grave / PHOTO: Instagram / YouTube Badabun
  • What does El Pirata de Culiacán’s grave look like?
  • It’s in a dangerous location.
  • A sharp contrast between his life and his death.

Today, there is no doubt that El Pirata de Culiacán was killed for insulting powerful drug lord, El Mencho.

On December 18, 2017, armed men arrived at a bar in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico to murder this 17-year-old.

Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales is remembered for showing off his life of debauchery and excess on social media.

In a few weeks, it will be six years since his murder — so what does the grave of this controversial figure look like?

Where is El Pirata de Culiacán’s grave?

Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales, El Mencho, drug trafficking, crime, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

A video titled ‘Así Luce la Tumba de El Pirata de Culiacán…’ is available on Badabun’s YouTube channel.

First, it reveals that the famous YouTuber’s remains are in a cemetery known as Las Calacas.

This place is located in the community of Villa Juárez in Navolato, Sinaloa. Juan Luis was originally from this state.

Many people believed that the young man’s grave was in a cemetery in Culiacán, Sinaloa, but this is not the case.

«The place looks neglected»

tomb of The Pirata de Culiacán, Las Calacas pantheon, Villa Juárez, Navolato, MundoNOW
PHOTO: YouTube Badabun

Seconds later, the video asserts that the place where El Pirata de Culiacán’s grave is located looks neglected.

But that is not the worst part, as according to the locals, both the cemetery and the town are very dangerous.

Some people were asked if they knew Juan Luis and they said they didn’t, but they did know his grandmother.

Furthermore, the residents confirmed that the YouTuber lived with her and suggested going to the Las Cañitas neighborhood, where they were well known.

«They will chase you in trucks»

Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales, youtuber, influencer, 17 years old, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Next, the people at the cemetery where El Pirata de Culiacán’s grave is located said the following:

«Sometimes, you just need to drive with your windows down. They will chase you in trucks; don’t be afraid.»

Another recommendation for the Badabun team was to keep the car windows down.

«This is a lawless land; armed people dominate here,» the people warned. However, the YouTubers decided to continue searching for the grave.

El Pirata de Culiacán’s grave

candles, mementos, cemetery, Sinaloa, flowers, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Contrary to what one might think, El Pirata de Culiacán’s grave is virtually forgotten. It was challenging to find it in this cemetery.

«In a small corner, lost among old and cracked cement graves, we found El Pirata’s grave.»

Above it is a rusted metal cross with the name Juan Luis Laguna Rosales handwritten on a wooden base.

You can also read the inscription «Dios te bendiga» (God bless you). The young man was only 17 years old when he lost his life.

The contrast between his life and his death

police car, death, crime, drug traffickers, cartels, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

It’s noteworthy that El Pirata de Culiacán’s grave contrasts significantly with the luxuries he showed off when he was alive.

The place where his remains rest is, at most, six feet wide by sex feet long and is practically abandoned.

In this post that sparked all sorts of comments, it is said that the young man, more than leading a bad life, made poor decisions.

«All alone, without all the friends who used to accompany him to all the parties and wanted to appear in all his videos,» concluded Pía Díaz. To watch the video click HERE.

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