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Does he have luxuries in jail? What prison life is like for Pablo Lyle

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  • A month after his sentence, what is life like for Pablo Lyle in prison?
  • The actor is being held in a South Florida jail.
  • He is serving a five year sentence.

Pablo Lyle is already serving his five-year prison sentence after being found guilty of manslaughter for the death of Juan Ricardo Hernández. However, that does not mean that the actor has special privileges inside the prison. Now details of his life behind bars are revealed.

According to El Heraldo de México, the actor has to comply with strict rules to potentially shorten his sentence. Now the details of how he has to behave and even the benefits he has inside the prison in Florida have been revealed.

What is Pablo Lyle’s life in prison like?

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Pablo Lyle is incarcerated in South Florida and it has been reported for weeks that the actor received an orientation manual detailing the code of conduct that he must follow and what would result in punishment.

According to the actor’s lawyers Pablo Lyle’s cell is too small and he is suffering from anxiety attacks because he is not allowed out for much time each day. He must always bring his identification with him wherever he goes.

Does the actor have any luxuries?

luxuries in prison

Pablo Lyle can make phone calls, although he can’t have a cell phone. In addition, the soap star can have visits, something that is classified as a privilege, since not all the inmates are allowed this perk.

He has to have a list of approved visitors. He can also write, send and receive correspondence, though it is monitored and inspected by the prison authorities to prevent contraband.

Will Pablo Lyle get out of jail early?

The before and after of Pablo Lyle

Pablo Lyle can use the library, he has access to some educational resources. He also receives medical attention and three meals a day… He could spend less than five years in prison as his lawyers are appealing his sentence.

A few days ago, Pablo Lyle’s sister shared a photograph of the actor lying in an armchair with one of his nephews. «With great love we released some insects on the trees in the park, we sang to life, to all living beings, we listen to our heart, the heart of the Earth. It was a simple, deep and magical ceremony like everything she does,” wrote Sylvia Lyle.

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