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Trump rally in Arizona ends with 11 people hospitalized due to extreme heat

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Trump rally leaves several hospitalized due to heat (PHOTO: The Associated Press)
  • Donald Trump Rally in Arizona.
  • Eleven hospitalized due to extreme heat.
  • Phoenix reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

A total of eleven people were transported to hospitals due to heat exhaustion while waiting in line for a Turning Point rally featuring former President Donald Trump.

The event, held on Thursday in Phoenix, Arizona, took place on a day when temperatures reached 102 degrees Fahrenheit and continued to rise.

Attendees at the rally, organized by Turning Point Action, faced scorching heat while waiting to see former President Trump.

Although the doors of the event opened at 10 a.m., many people started lining up early, hoping to secure a good spot.

Trump Rally Ends with Several Hospitalized

In response to this situation, Phoenix firefighters responded to the emergency at Dream City Church, located in the north of the city.

In total, they transported eleven people to the hospital due to heat exhaustion experienced on Thursday, June 6.

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Thursday was the first day of the year that temperatures in the Valley reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit, according to ABC 15.

The extreme heat not only affected the rally attendees but was also a general concern for the entire Phoenix metropolitan area.

It should be noted that the National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning, in effect until Friday night.

«Overexposure can cause cramps and heat exhaustion and, without intervention, can lead to heat stroke,» the post reads.

During the event, various media present captured the moment when some people began to faint due to the heat.

The scene became chaotic as emergency services arrived on the scene to provide medical assistance. The Turning Point Action rally, a conservative group, drew a large crowd of the former president’s supporters.


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Trump Rally leaves several hospitalized due to heat  -PHOTO: MundoNOW

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