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Doña Cuquita celebrates her birthday and is reminded of the infidelities of her husband, Vicente Fernández

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  • Doña Cuquita celebrates her 75th birthday.
  • Followers blame her for Vicente Fernández’s infidelities.
  • It was in 1963 when Doña Cuquita and Don Chente got married.

“A woman who has decided to put fidelity aside”: Alejandro Fernández’s mother, Doña Cuquita, Vicente Fernández’s wife, celebrated her 75th birthday, and on social networks people didn’t miss the opportunity to remind her of the countless times that Don Chente has supposedly cheated on her, stating that their marriage wasn’t as solid as they claimed.

On July 23, the 75th birthday of María del Refugio Abarca, better known as Doña Cuquita, matriarch of the Fernández dynasty and wife of one of the most talented singers in Mexican music, Vicente Fernández, also known as “Don Chente,” was celebrated.

The celebration of Doña Cuquita, mother of Alejandro Fernández

Mrs. Cuquita Vicente Fernández
PHOTO: Instagram

Despite the fact that no photographs have been posted on social networks regarding the celebration of Doña Cuquita, her eldest son, Vicente Fernández Jr., the occasion did not go unnoticed and sent to congratulate his beloved mother on her 75th birthday, publication which was accompanied by a touching photograph posted on his official Instagram account.

In this image, where a mother and son are seen giving each other a big hug, Don Chente’s son wrote the following message: “Today is a very special day! We celebrate that years ago God sent an angel to be the pillar of our family. I LOVE YOU MAMI @kukisabv ”, you could read at the bottom of the photograph.

Followers react to Doña Cuiquita’s birthday

Mrs. Cuquita Vicente Fernández
PHOTO: Instagram

On the other hand, account followers hello_mx, They reacted to the news of Doña Cuquita’s birthday, however, instead of filling the foal’s mother with tender messages of congratulations, they brought up the alleged infidelities that her husband, Don Vicente Fernández has had towards her throughout his marriage:

“Poor Doña Cuca, deceived a thousand times”, to which a follower replies: “Well, not so poor. More than one would like to be in that chair ”. Another follower affirmed that there are women who prefer to live cheated in order to have money: “I don’t think about cheating, there are women who prefer to pretend they don’t know anything, or they just put the cards on the table, remember, there is a lot of money for half”.

“A woman who has decided to put fidelity aside” they tell Doña Cuquita

Mrs. Cuquita Vicente Fernández
PHOTO: Instagram

More comments began to arrive at the publication, where users did not stop blaming Doña Cuquita for the infidelities on the part of her husband Vicente Fernández: “The oldest cuckold in Mexico”, “a woman who has decided to put aside the fidelity ”,“ what resistance of a woman, look at how Vicente put up with all his infidelities ”. “This lady has never had dignity, so many times that he cheated on her and she there, because but who supports her ”.

Some followers brought out the great resemblance that her son Alejandro Fernández El Potrillo has with her, however on this occasion they wondered “who is the woman”, “which of the two is the woman? Alejandro looks more feminine, hahaha ”,“ who is Doña Cuquita? The one on the left or the one on the right? “,” One well-surged and the other well-made up, “could be read in the comments.

The marriage of Doña Cuquita and Vicente Fernández

Mrs. Cuquita Vicente Fernández
PHOTO: Instagram

According to the portal Hello Mexico, Doña Cuquita and the singer Vicente Fernández met in his native Huentitán, during a visit that the singer made to his town. After this, Don Chente was struck by the beauty of that young woman and did not hesitate to conquer the one who years later would become his wife.

However, some time later Vicente ended their relationship, because he had to return for his career, commenting: “Better find another boyfriend because I will not be able to be here and there, and I will take your time.” The surprise came for the singer after he saw Cuquita arrive with another boy on one of his visits, this prompted Vicente to reply: “I’ll give you 10 minutes to leave, because you and I got married on December 27” .

The alleged infidelities of Vicente Fernández before Doña Cuquita

Mrs. Cuquita Vicente Fernández
PHOTO: Instagram

And so it was, Vicente Fernández and Doña Cuquita joined in marriage on December 27, 1963, establishing themselves as one of the longest-lasting couples in the artistic world, however, that did not prevent rumors from spreading where it was stated that Don Chente had been unfaithful to his wife countless times.

In a interview With his ex-wife, Mara Patricia Castañeda, the singer commented on the following regarding these rumors of infidelity: “I never walked on my face, so they would say ‘oh, that Chente, he’s a very womanizer’, no, I wasn’t a saint, but they never saw me “, whenever they told him something about it, he requested proof of them, and then added:” It’s just about being discreet. “

Vicente Fernández reappears from the hospital, but causes more concern

PHOTO: Instagram

Despite these rumors, Doña Cuquita has always remained by her husband Vicente Fernández’s side during the most complicated moments, such was the case when at the beginning of July the alarms were turned on when it was reported that he was hospitalized after having a bad night , for which his wife had decided to inform their children what was happening inside the home, with the intention of attending him quickly.

Later it was announced that Don Vicente Fernández had been in the hospital for a simple check-up, although the version was discarded when this morning a video published on the official account of the “Charro de Huentitán”, on Instagram, where he informed his followers to stop worrying, since it was only a urinary infection, but it turned out the opposite due to his deteriorated appearance.

Greetings from Don Chente

VIDEO: Instagram

Surely the person who recorded the video is one of Don ‘Chente’s children, since he was calm and even a little smiling when he spoke to the camera and reported what was happening around his health, due to that on Wednesday afternoon various rumors arose about his hospitalization, after images of him being admitted to a private hospital appeared.

Although it was a short video, he managed to express his feelings and gratitude for the displays of affection that people and the media had expressed at his entrance, in addition to asking his followers not to worry; So far he has generated endless comments from his fans, who express their concern about his appearance. Filed Under: Doña Cuquita Vicente Fernández

“Friends don’t worry”

PHOTO: Instagram

In the video that was shared on Thursday, the singer looks tired but happy to be able to communicate with his audience, which has been very aware of the details that emerge since Wednesday afternoon when he was admitted to the private hospital in Guadalajara, since You must be aware of your health and any symptoms you present.

“Dear friends, to all the public, I want to tell you to stop worrying, it was a urinary infection and that I am already well”, was part of the words that he expressed in said video and that caused various reactions from his audience, who as always they were attentive to any message from the singer. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE. Filed Under: Doña Cuquita Vicente Fernández

“Thanks to my friends in the press”

VIDEO: Instagram

The press has always been supporting the “Charro de Huentitán” and he is very aware of the affection he has generated with the media, for this reason, in his message he not only thanked his fans, but also the press that was aware of their health and any news that the family decided to share so that the community would know immediately.

“Thank you to all the friends of the press who have always treated me very well, God bless you,” the message ended, smiling at the camera of the device that was in use, leaving the community of followers calmer in the face of positive news of his state of health and of course, that he had that detail with his fans. Filed Under: Doña Cuquita Vicente Fernández

They see it deteriorated

PHOTO: Mezcalent

As a result of the video on Instagram, several of his followers were concerned about the appearance that Don “Chente” shows, since they notice him as more ‘lethargic’ and even went so far as to say that he looks strange, so he had An opposite effect of what the Mexican singer tried to convey at one point, although of course, there were also messages of good wishes and a speedy recovery.

“Who is not going to worry about that great man. Blessings ”,“ you look very pale ”,“ you look very tired, take care that the world needs you ”,“ take care of yourself, we need you here ”, commented some users, expressing the concern that arose in moments of uncertainty before the news that It exploded on social media on Wednesday. Filed Under: Doña Cuquita Vicente Fernández

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