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Comet ‘Diablo’ explodes and threatens humanity

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Devil Comet explodes (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Comet Diablo colossal size.
  • Orbital period is 71.2 years.
  • Is it a threat to Earth?

The scientific community is on high alert regarding comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, nicknamed the ‘devil comet’, owing to its colossal size, three times larger than Mount Everest.

Over the years, various versions of how the world would end have emerged, with many asserting that humanity will meet its end just like the dinosaurs did.

Speculations about a meteorite potentially striking Earth and wiping out humanity are frequently heard due to the presence of numerous comets in space.

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Devil Comet approaches Earth

The alarms have been raised following the revelation that the ‘Devil Comet’ is heading towards the planet after undergoing an explosion.

The astronomical significance of this comet is noteworthy due to its periodic nature similar to that of the famous Halley, returning every 200 years.

With an established orbital period of 71.2 years and a nucleus measuring 35 kilometers in diameter, 12P/Pons-Brooks presents a unique opportunity for observation.

While it is not typically considered an immediate threat, its magnitude has sparked growing concern among Earth’s inhabitants.

Is it a threat to humanity?

Comet Diablo Earth, planet, Earth, meteorite, MundoNOW
Comet Diablo approaches Earth PHOTO: Shutterstock

The comet 12P/Pons-Brooks has been the subject of study and observation for decades, surpassing in size the tallest mountain on Earth and many other known comets.

Its highly elliptical orbit brings it close to the Sun and, at times, into proximity with Earth’s orbit.

It’s worth mentioning that scientists have calculated that, in its current orbit, it does not pose an immediate threat to Earth.

Nevertheless, its approach raises legitimate concerns due to its size and the remote possibility of a catastrophic collision.

Will Devil Comet cause the end of the world?

Modern astronomy has advanced in its capability to track and predict the trajectories of potentially hazardous comets and asteroids.

Scientists worldwide are closely monitoring 12P/Pons-Brooks and other near-Earth objects, developing contingency plans to address any future threats.

While it doesn’t pose an immediate danger, its immense size serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and preparedness regarding potentially hazardous objects in our cosmic neighborhood.

It’s worth noting that science and international cooperation will play a crucial role in ensuring the long-term safety of our planet.

When can Devil Comet be seen?

Comet Diablo, Earth, meteorite, alert, MundoNOW
Comet Diablo approaches Earth PHOTO: Shutterstock

It has been announced that April 21, 2024, will be the best day to observe the comet as it approaches the Sun.

This astronomical event, confirmed by both NASA and UNAM research, promises to be a spectacle visible primarily between April 14 and April 30, according to Infobae.

During this period, the chances of sighting the comet will increase. Although viewing it will require binoculars, focused towards the west and near the horizon at sunset.

The suggestion to move away from highly illuminated areas aims to provide a clear view of the comet, facilitating its observation and enjoyment by members of the public interested in astronomical events.

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