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What days will you have off from work in the US in 2023?

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  • Take note of all the days off from work in the US in 2023.
  • Know the most important federal holidays of the year.
  • Mark your calendar for your three-day weekends!

Find out what days you will have off from work in the US in 2023! The year is just beginning, but this is a great time to mark your calendar and get ready for some three-day weekends in the coming months.

There are at least 11 federal holidays in 2023 which means that, depending on where you work, you can enjoy at least a few days off and some long weekends to share with friends and family. Learn about the most important ones!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Days that will not work in the United States

Among the days off from work in 2023, is MLK Day or Martin Luther King Jr. Day. You probably know the story behind this day and during this long weekend you can take the time to learn more about this activist who fought until the day he died for the rights of the most vulnerable communities.

On Monday, January 16, government offices and schools will close to commemorate the legacy of MLK, whom the world knows for his political outreach, as well as the iconic ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.

President’s Day

President's Day

Another of the days that people will have off from work in the United States is President’s Day. This holiday honors the political contributions of of George Washington, the country’s first president, on his birthday.

On this day, which was established more than 140 years ago, many workers enjoy a long weekend. The month of February was chosen to commemorate George Washington’s birthday, although the reality is that Presidents’ Day never has actually been celebrated on his actual birthday.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day

Days that will not work in the United States

Two of the most important dates on the federal holiday calendar are Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Each one is meant to celebrate the efforts of US military fighters. In 2023, Memorial Day will fall on Monday, May 29, while Veterans Day falls on Saturday, November 11.

Memorial Day, which is a day off for most US workers, tributes are made in memory of those in the military who died in combat. Veterans Day is an opportunity to celebrate the efforts of all the armed forces, regardless of whether its members are in service or have already retired.

Labor Day

Labor Day

There are still more days off for US workers! Labor Day has been celebrated across the country since 1882, when it began in New York.

On this day, all the advances in worker’s rights that have been achieved in the country thanks to the Workers Unions are remembered. Since 1884, this date has been a federal holiday to recognize all workers in the country.

Independence Day

July 4th

Independence Day is celebrated every 4th of July, when the entire country pauses to start the summer off on the right foot and organize barbecues or house parties to admire the fireworks or attend parades.

Independence Day honors which the separation of the United States from the British monarchy which took place on July 4, 1776.

Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving is a national holiday that was decreed by the President Abraham Lincoln as one of the federal holidays. Every November, the country remembers the arrival of the Mayflower and the pilgrims who, at the end of their first harvest in 1621, organized the first Thanksgiving feast, a commemorative dinner with Native Americans to give thanks for the benefits of the harvest.

The days off work in the United States in 2023 represent the opportunity to take a short vacation and reunite with family who live in other parts of the country. Thanksgiving is one of the dates that serve as a preamble to close the year with a flourish.

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