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Daughter of Carmen Salinas talks about the true cause of her stroke

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  • María Eugenia Plascencia daughter of Carmen Salinas talks about her mother’s diagnosis.
  • What caused the actress’s stroke?
  • The actress’s daughter explains what happened.

WHAT HAPPENED? Carmen Salinas’s daughter, María Eugenia Plascencia, spoke with the media outside the hospital where the actress is currently staying, to give a statement about her medical status. According to Plascencia, the real cause of the stroke was high blood pressure.

In the statements she offered to the press, the woman pointed out that her mother never took a break and ultimately there were consequences. For this reason, she said that although she was taking her medication, that wasn’t enough to counteract how rundown her mother became as a result of the actress’ long hours at work.


Photo: Instagram

María Eugenia Plascencia revealed to the media outside the hospital in Colonia Roma, Mexico City, what really led her mother to suffer a stroke. She mentioned that her mother worked hard and that it was her body telling her she needed a break.

In accordance with Terra TV, the actress worked nonstop and fatigue took its toll. Although, officially the doctors have not confirmed (to the entertainment media) what the possible cause was for Carmelita Salinas to have suffered a stroke, her daughter talked about what could have happened with the producer of «Aventurera» and gave her opinion about it.

Daughter of Carmen Salinas: What led her to have the stroke?

Daughter Carmen Salinas: What led you to have the stroke?
Photo: Instagram

According to Terra TV, María Eugenia Plascencia stated that her mother’s condition was delicate due to the high blood pressure she has suffered from since Pedro Plascencia died. Stress after the death of her brother in 1994, led her to develop high blood pressure. And since the actress works nonstop that caused her to have a stroke.

Although the actress’s doctors have not confirmed this story, María Eugenia says that her mother has always worked and the pace of her life was so hectic that it caused her to have high blood pressure. She said this was probably the cause of the stroke she suffered a couple of days ago. Currently, Carmen Salinas remains in a coma and her recovery is slow. Filed Under: Daughter Carmen Salinas

Daughter of Carmen Salinas: What affected her?

Daughter Carmen Salinas: What was it that affected you?
Photo: Instagram

In an interview with the morning program ‘Hoy’, Carmen Salinas’ daughter said that the hectic pace of her mother’s life took a toll on her on her health and led to her stroke. María Eugenia expressed her opinion about the possible cause of the health issues that her mother is experiencing and expressed her concern about this fact.

«I think that pace, lacking rest, going to work. But she always took her pills, morning noon and night, but there comes a time when the body sometimes can’t take it anymore and that is what happened to my mother,» said María Eugenia on the Mexican morning program, which was shared by Terra TV. Filed Under: Daughter Carmen Salinas

Daughter of Carmen Salinas: Since Pedrito died?

Daughter Carmen Salinas: Since Pedrito died?
Photo: Instagram

One of the events that has marked Carmen Salinas’ life was the death of her son Pedro. The Televisa actress always said that she couldn’t recover from the death of her son, who died in 1994 and she repeatedly mentioned that it was a hard blow to bear. According to María Eugenia, the producer began to have health problems when her son passed away and it was then that she developed high blood pressure.

«My mom sleeps little since my brother died. When she goes to work she always goes to bed at two or three in the morning, and gets up at six to go to Televisa. Otherwise, she got up at 11 or 12.This pace and lacking proper rest comes with a price and eventually the body cannot stand it,» Salinas’ daughter said in an interview. Filed Under: Daughter Carmen Salinas

Daughter of Carmen Salinas: The family issues an official statement

Carmen Salinas death rumors
Instagram photo

Among the rumors that have been circulating on social media, there’s one saying that her family decided to remove her from life support, or that they are even asking for money in her name. Supposedly to cover hospitalization expenses. Because of this, the family has decided to give a statement about all this and put an end to the assumptions or half-truths that circulate among Internet users. Especially so that they are not fooled by false information. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

The family decided to post a message addressed to all of her followers on the official Instagram account of the actress who produced ‘Aventurera’. Their goal was to give direct information that couldn’t be misinterpreted. This ended up surprising social media users as they posted a message regarding the supposed death of the artist from Comarca Lagunera. Filed Under: Daughter Carmen Salinas

Daughter of Carmen Salinas: Did Carmen Salinas die?

Instagram photo

Without further ado, we show you the family’s whole message: “We appreciate the prayers you have sent for the speedy recovery of the great actress (Carmen Salinas). We reiterate that so far she remains in a natural coma. We deny any information about her death. We are letting you know that neither the family nor loved ones are asking for money in any way.”

By Wednesday morning, November 17, 2021, the post had more than 28 thousand likes and more than 1,100 comments from several of her followers and closest friends. With that message they ended the rumors stating that she is dead, so all that’s left now is to wait and see if she improves in the next few days. Filed Under: Daughter Carmen Salinas


Cerebral haemorrhage
Instagram photo

But after the family’s statement, her daughter María Eugenia Plascencia clarified that the actress didn’t suffer a stroke, but a hemorrhage. It was then that she revealed something very important. She said that although she has had very mild reactions in her body, one thing has given them hope. They have tickled her feet and the artist didn’t like it, this makes them hope she is still in there.

Before this message, some celebrities sent prayers and good wishes to the actress, for instance actress Karyme Lozano wrote: «Praying for my beloved Carmelita every day, a strong hug to all her family.» In turn the famous actor Ariel Miramontes who plays the character of ‘Albertano’, wrote the following: «I send a very strong hug to all your family and friends, thank you very much for keeping us up to date.»


Carmen Salinas death rumors
Instagram photo

There are many actors who have spoken out about Carmen Salinas’ health. The actress was hospitalized five days ago due to a brain hemorrhage. Her granddaughter and her nephew spoke about the actress’s condition and the support they have received from Eugenio Derbez, with whom Salinas had a friendly relationship. «Eugenio told me that he was at our disposal and that whatever we needed we could count on him,» said her nephew Gustavo Briones.

«I explained to him how things are and he said: ‘I am at your disposal,'» he added. Previously, it had been said that the actor from “La Familia P.Luche” offered a plane to take the actress to the United States. Her relatives denied this and even clarified that they don’t plan to move her to another hospital.


Instagram photo

“We don’t have to relocate her, we have received offers to relocate her wherever we want from many people, even from the director of the Neurology Institute who told us that he’s at our disposal, but we explained to him that the doctors have already said that there is no reason to relocate her, she’s perfectly well cared for and she has what’s necessary.” Meanwhile, the comedian’s condition remains stable. She has shown involuntary reflexes and her tomographies show no change.

“My grandmother remains the same, stable. There is no significant change,” confirmed her granddaughter Bibiana Monje. She also clarified that there is no difference between effusion and hemorrhage, but that it’s only a colloquial term and a medical term, respectively, but it’s the same damage. In economic matters, the National Association of Actors (ANDA) is supporting the family and her nephew asked the public not to be fooled by monetary requests that have arisen on behalf of the actress. «The family aren’t asking absolutely nothing more than prayers.»


Cerebral haemorrhage
Instagram photo

The public immediately began to send good wishes to her: «May God heal you beloved Carmen, the God of all Glory raises you from that bed, we send a word of healing to your body, organs and others.» «May the blood of our Lord Jesus cover her and heal her soon amen.» «I hope Carmen Salinas recovers, I admire the lady very much.» «we continue to pray for her speedy recovery.» «speedy recovery for Carmen.»

The confirmation that Carmen Salinas has not died gives the Mexican public hope. In recent days they have seen several celebrities die such as the eternal villain Enrique Rocha or the ‘Vecinos’ actor Octavio Ocaña. And for a few weeks it seemed as though ‘Charro de Huentitlán’, Vicente Fernández, was on the brink of death but now he seems to be improving.


Instagram photo

Social media users were full of affection: “My prayers for the relief of Carmelita Salinas, may God be with her” “God is with you and for him nothing is impossible. A big hug from Cali, Colombia.» «God is going to get her out of that bed.» «Greetings from Argentina, we pray for her recovery!» «God is great and blessings will come soon.» «Greetings from Peru and my prayers for her.”

«God give her a speedy recovery.» «may God deliver healing to our Carmen Salinas… in the name of Jesus we declare that God raise her from that bed.» «We pray for her speedy recovery… Thank you for the information. Greetings from Paraguay.”  “Prompt recovery, may God and the Blessed Virgin take care of her and protect her and she can get out of this situation.” “May God take care of you Carmencita, soon you will be with us, speaking beautifully as only you know how to do,” more people wrote to her.



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