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Daughter of Alejandro Fernandez is criticized for pregnancy and they assure that she married ‘under pressure’ (PHOTO)

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  • Camila Fernández confirms her pregnancy with her husband but is criticized
  • Alejandro Fernández’s daughter, surprised with unexpected news
  • «That’s why the wedding so fast», affirm Internet users

Camila Fernández confirms pregnancy.

New mom! Camila Fernández, daughter of singer Alejandro Fernández, surprised with unexpected news, on social networks, where he confirms that he will be a mother for the first time.

Together with her husband Francisco Barba, the daughter of Foal, confirmed that she would be a mother, in her Instagram, where he appears with his partner posing for the cameras of Hola magazine.

«I’M GOING TO BE MAMAAAAAAA, Thanks to the beautiful team of @ hello_mx for such a beautiful interview and for all those who were part of this special moment ”, thus accompanied the 23-year-old.

Camila Fernández confirms pregnancy daughter Alejandro Fernández


Apparently the couple will give the first grandson to the Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández, in the month of April, in addition to confirming that it will be a little girl.


Several celebrities took the time to send their congratulations to the couple who will soon be released as parents, even some followers were happy for Camila.

One of the characters who commented on the publication was the host of “Cuéntamelo Ya”, Odalys, who was excited: “Oh what an emotion !!! Congratulations».

Even Andrea Legarreta left a message: “What a beautiful blessingaaaaaaa !!! God with you !!! May your life be full of health, love and blessings always! «, And Maria Levy, daughter of the late actress Mariana Levy, sent her congratulations to the couple:» Wow, congratulations, precious! I send you all the most beautiful things in the world! what happiness».

«Congratulations, blessings to the parents, it will be the best gift for Alejandro, his granddaughter», «WHAT A THRILL, too happy for you! I love you !!! ”, could not miss the message of the new dad: «I love you, you make me the happiest in the world.»

«That’s why the wedding so fast.»

But not everything was positive comments, since on the Instagram account of El Gordo y la Flaca, they shared the image of the news that Alejandro Fernández’s daughter will be a mother, and the comments were pure criticism.

Camila Fernández confirms pregnancy with 2 daughter Alejandro Fernández


«Congratulations to the whole family especially to the sexy grandpa @alexoficial “Thus they accompanied the publication of Camila and her husband where they appear together posing for the cover of the magazine.

«No wonder the fast wedding had already eaten the cake,» said a user arguing that Camila got married because she was already pregnant.

«God in the middle of 2021 and the people talking that if they ate the cake before, that if they married for that reason, that they care about the couples of now living together for a long time and sometimes they don’t even get married, let them live and be careful if you have daughters, why spit upwards it can fall on your face, sadly it is women who judge the most ”, said another Internet user.


There were other messages from followers where they affirmed that it was already noticeable before their wedding: «That was already known and it was noticeable before the wedding day.»

«That’s why the wedding so fast.», «Great thing if she got married pregnant», «It was obvious she ate the cake before», «Hahahaha she got married because she was already paunchy», «That was already known . That’s why they got married very quickly «,» Everyone knew it already, except his brother «, were some of the comments.

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Camila Fernández’s wedding: Alejandro Fernández’s daughter is considered irresponsible

Previously, the news was given that Alejandro Fernández’s daughter arrived at the altar, to unite her life with that of her fiancé Francisco Barba, with whom she had barely been dating for nine months.

Camila Fernández confirms pregnancy 3


When the videos of the arrival of the family of Don Vicente Fernández to the church where the wedding of his granddaughter Camila would be celebrated, the criticisms did not wait for the bride and her relatives.

In the first place, for celebrating a wedding in the middle of the coronavirus crisis in Mexico and the world, but secondly for the urgency of Camila’s wedding, which raised serious suspicions.

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