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Danna Paola confesses that she was drugged by several men in Madrid and went to the hospital (VIDEO)

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FOTO: Mezcalent.
  • She was drugged by men when she was dining in a restaurant
  • «These weyes want to take advantage of the situation» he confesses when he realized what happened
  • Danna Paola also claims that she even stopped at a hospital

«These guys… want to take advantage of the situation

”Danna Paola confesses in an interview the painful experience she lived when she was drugged by some men in a restaurant in Madrid Spain, just when she was recording the“ Elite ”series

According to several portals among them Efe News, the singer Mexican, Danna Paola, who played the character of Lucrecia in the Spanish series Elite, confessed how several men tried to drug her when she was visiting a restaurant in Madrid, Spain.

«I don’t remember what happened between the place, how I got home and how I ended up in the hospital,» confesses the young singer for a digital program broadcast on the YouTube platform with the host Yordi Rosado.

VIDEO: YouTube. Yordi Pink

Before beginning the story, Danna Paola said that the event occurred just after she went through a terrible depression in Madrid, after this, the Mexican decided to go out with a friend who had visited her from Mexico.

At the restaurant, the two met three mens Latinos with whom they decided to start a conversation, but without the actress also realizing it, drugged her and tried to abuse her when her friend had gone to the bathroom.

“Suddenly one of the men asks, This was your glass, right? and I started to talk with him and immediately I started to feel bad, to get dizzy, and to get sleepy, and I said, I have to go, these ‘güe …’ began to love each other to overcome the situation ”he related for the show.

Danna Paola drugged

PHOTO: Instagram. Danna Paola

Fortunately, the singer managed to get home with the help of her friend, but a short time later she was admitted to the hospital, although he reported that there was no other higher complication in this regard after this unfortunate event.

You can see Danna Paola’s interview with Yordi Rosado where she confesses that she was drugged by some men in Madrid Spain here.

After this unfortunate event, where Danna Paola confesses that she was drugged in a restaurant in Madrid, Spain, the singer reaffirmed the fact that you should always be attentive to all the people around you, especially if they are strangers:

«It’s something that you mother she always tells you that you shouldn’t do and that you always do: don’t take anything from strangers, don’t let anyone grab your glass, don’t pick up strangers anywhere, ”the young actress began.

Later he stated that we must be aware that we do not know the intentions that other people actually have: «Let us be aware that no matter how strong and independent we are, we do not know the intentions of others towards us.»

When passing this issue where she confessed that she had been drugged, Danna Paola, who has also participated in various television productions since she was just a child, confessed how hard it had been for her to get to where she is, and despite having started her race From a very young age, he had a fairly happy childhood.

Danna Paola drugged

PHOTO: Instagram. Danna Paola

Although, as on many occasions, he was also the victim of complicated moments, such as the bullying that he suffered from time to time at school.

As well as the critics that the press and even brands did to her body, calling her «fat» and causing Danna Paola to reject herself … Do you want to find out more? Keep reading the next page and you will know.

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After confessing that she was drugged in a restaurant in Madrid by some men, the Mexican Danna Paola also expressed how difficult it was for her to deal with the constant criticism she received for her body.

And it is that, after a product company for hair He called her “fat” after having recorded a commercial, that caused the singer many insecurities in her body.

«They began to create in me an insecurity that I did not have, it was this constant rejection of myself, I had zero self-esteem and my priority was to look good, no longer act, or sing,» he confessed.

PHOTO: Instagram. Danna Paola

Although fortunately not everything is bad, since after confessing that she was drugged by men in Madrid, Danna Paola also expressed her experiences regarding her relations sentimental and currently feels ready to love.

«I have a full heart, I am happy, I am in a very ‘chingón’ moment of my life and just everything I experienced made me understand what I want today with a person in a relationship without losing the floor,» he said.

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