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Costco and Walmart announce all US stores will close on Thanksgiving Day

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Costco and Walmart stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Costco and Walmart will close on Thanksgiving.
  • This trend started during the pandemic.
  • Employees will be able to spend time with family.

In a surprising announcement, Costco has reported that it will close all of its US stores on Thanksgiving Day and Walmart will do the same.

The popular retailer’s recent decision forces all shoppers to rethink their Thanksgiving plans.

Costco has decided to take this unusual step, closing its doors to the public on several holidays throughout the year.

Now Thanksgiving has been added to the list.

Costco closes for several holidays throughout the year

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Costco also plans to be closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Thanksgiving rounds out that list.

This unusual decision has surprised shoppers, as many large retailers have stayed open on holidays in the past.

Prior to the pandemic, stores had begun opening earlier and earlier for Black Friday sales.

Costco makes surprising decision

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Although Thanksgiving represents a major source of revenue for retailers, Costco has chosen to give its employees the day off.

They are encouraged to take advantage of this time off to spend it with their families.

News of Costco closing on Thanksgiving Day has generated a mixed reaction among shoppers, according to The Sun.

Those who depend on the store for their last-minute holiday purchases will have to plan ahead.

Prioritizing family time on Thanksgiving

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Costco is not alone in this initiative, as retail giant Walmart is also closing its stores on Thanksgiving Day.

For the fourth consecutive year, the largest retail chain in the United States will close for the holiday, according to USA Today.

Walmart CEO John Furner shared this news on X, formerly known as Twitter.

«Thanksgiving is a special day, and we want our store associates to have the chance to spend it with their families and loved ones,» he said.

Walmart closes on Thanksgiving Day

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The company says this decision is consistent with its commitment to prioritizing the well-being and safety of its employees and customers.

The retailer has done this since the beginning of the  COVID-19 pandemic, according to USA Today.

This focus on giving employees time off on major holidays has become a growing trend in the retail world.

More and more companies have chosen to close their stores on holidays so their employees can spend time with loved ones.

More retailers are closing on major holidays

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This marks a significant change from previous retail practices, which often involved opening early on holidays.

Costco and Walmart’s decision to close their stores on Thanksgiving reflects a sensitivity toward the importance of family time.

In a world where working 24/7 has become the norm, this is a welcome break.

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