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Comedian Mauro Muñiz de Urquiza dies suddenly at the age of 58 (PHOTOS)

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  • Comedian Mauro Muñiz de Urquiza dies suddenly.
  • He was one of the most popular comedians in Spain.
  • Mauro Muñiz’s colleague confirmed the tragic news.

Once again show business is mourning the sudden death of a popular Spanish comedian.

Mauro Muñiz de Urquiza was one of the most successful comedians in Europe and was known for theater and television performances.

Fans were shocked by the news of his passing.

Mauro participated in Paramount Comedy, which catapulted him to stardom. Find out all the details.

Comedian Mauro Muñiz dies

PHOTO: Twitter

Mauro Muñiz de Urquiza appeared in shows with Paramount Comedy that brought him great fame in Spain.

He was in many shows including La Que se Avecina, Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso, Hospital Central, Aída and Los hombres de Paco.

Not only did he make stellar appearances on television, but he was also known for the theater.

Mauro was also part of the musical group La Cabra Mecánica and appeared in various films. According to La Vanguardia, he was a multi-faceted performer.

A popular comedian is gone

Comedian Mauro Muñiz dies
PHOTO: Twitter

Mauro’s fellow comedian, Luis Piedrahita, tweeted the heartbreaking news that left many devastated.

“Don Mauro has passed away. A comedian, one of the usual ones. A committed, educated and knowledgeable guy. A classic. RIP,” he wrote.

Immediately, hundreds of Luis’ fans and followers began comment. reported that Mauro was the son of journalists Paloma de Urquiza and Mauro Muñiz, and brother of María Muñiz, a Socialist MEP.

Mauro Muñiz’s last social media post

Comedian Mauro Muñiz dies
PHOTO: Instagram

Four days ago Mauro shared a video on Instagram called Racism, the Sixth and Don Mauro.

It is a comedic monologue.

«#humorsinlimites #comediesinlimites #monologues #standup,» Don Mauro wrote in the description.

Don Mauro was the son of the great Gijón writer Mauro Muñiz and brother of the journalist Paloma de Urquiza, so his love of writing went beyond everything.

People can’t believe the news about Don Mauro

PHOTO: Twitter

Internet users were quick to express their sadness at Don Mauro’s sudden death.

The cause is still unknown. «I can’t believe it, my friend warned me and I’m freaking out, rest in peace friend,» said a user.

«I’m speechless. Hug from goal teacher, make people laugh a lot up there. RIP.” “I just found out and I’m freaking out a lot.” “Rest in peace, I can’t believe it, you were so full of life…”

“I can’t believe you left so soon. Make heaven laugh a lot, Mauro. Miss you.»

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