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Rapper Majestic’s girlfriend sends sad message after his death

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Rapper Majestic's girlfriend, message
Rapper Majestic's girlfriend's message (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Rapper Majestic’s girlfriend responds to his death.
  • Marlenne Reptar speaks out after the tragedy.
  • The Mexican rap community is in shock.

Majestic’s girlfriend Marlenne Reptar shares an emotional message on Instagram after the rapper’s tragic death at just 24 years old.

On Tuesday, February 20, the young artist, who was national runner-up at Red Bull Mexico 2023, was enjoying a day at the beach in Oaxaca when he died in a tragic accident

Now his girlfriend has spoken about the tragedy on social media.

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The freestyle community in Mexico is saddened by the tragic news that rapper Óscar Vázquez, better known as Majestic, has died.

His fans and loved ones have united on social media to send condolences to the talented rapper’s family.

Majestic’s girlfriend has also posted a moving message on social media

Marlenne shared a photograph on her Instagram stories of her with her late boyfriend and dedicated a brief and moving message to him.

Majestic’s girlfriend speaks out after his death

Majestic's girlfriend breaks the silence, Marlenne Reptar, Majestic's girlfriend, Óscar Vázquez, Rapper's death,
PHOTO Captures Instagram

«I love you my love, I love you completely, thank you for allowing me to love you and love me. You saved my life so many times. Fly high my love, we will see each other another time, I know,» Marlenne wrote.

In addition to her heartbreaking farewell message, she shared a brief statement to say that the rapper’s family is looking for support.

«Thank you for your messages, at this moment we are doing everything we can,» she continued.

«Economically, the transfer and the pantheon are becoming more complicated. If you would like to help, I would truly appreciate it,” Marlenne added.

Rapper Majestic drowns at the beach

Majestic's girlfriend breaks the silence, Marlenne Reptar, Óscar Vázquez, Rapper's death, Oaxaca
PHOTO Shutterstock

Oaxaca authorities revealed that Majestic and his friends were at La Entrega beach in Huatulco to relax after a freestyle competition in Mexico City.

However, what started as a day of fun turned into tragedy when he ran into trouble in the water.

Despite their efforts of, lifeguards and firefighters were not able to rescue Óscar Vázquez in time after he apparently suffered from bronchoaspiration in the water.

It is speculated that he did not wait long enough after eating before going swimming.

Majestic’s girlfriend thanks his fans for their support

flowers, candle, die, funeral, MundoNOW
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Majestic, recognized for his talent in the Mexican rap scene, was swept away by the waves before losing consciousness, according to Milenio.

The news of his death has generated a wave of sadness and tributes on social media, where is remembered for his outstanding performance in the Freestyle Master Series.

He is also known for his appearance at the 2023 Red Bull Nacional final, where he competed against Yoiker, another up-and-coming rapper.

Marlenne Reptar shared her pain with her followers on Instagram and thanked them for their messages of support.

A rapper’s legacy

Majestic's girlfriend, Marlenne Reptar, Óscar Vázquez, Rapper's death, Oaxaca
PHOTO Shutterstock

Majestic, whose name will resonate eternally in the hearts of the Mexican rap community, leaves a deep and painful void, like an echo that reverberates in the musical universe.

His passing will not only be felt on the stages where he used to shine with his unmatched talent, but also in every verse.

Majestic was not only an exceptional rapper, but also an extraordinary human being whose light illuminated the darkest corners for those who had the privilege of knowing him.

His generosity, his humility and his passion for music transcended music, touching the souls of those who found inspiration in his lyrics.

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