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Chiquis Rivera wants to lose the kilos that ‘humiliate her’ and she records herself training very hard (VIDEO)

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  • Chiquis Rivera appears on social networks training inside his house
  • After receiving several criticisms from followers for his weight
  • The news was shared by the program Suelta la Sopa

Chiquis Rivera weighed. After she shared

several images where she appears half naked, the singer Chiquis Rivera changed the modeling routine for a healthier one, and she recorded herself training very hard at home.

Through your account Instagram Jenni Rivera’s daughter, uploaded a series of recordings to her stories where she is seen exercising next to her coach at home, this after being criticized by followers for her weight and mentioning that she edited her photos to look more thin.

In the videos you can see how the musical artist is with her coach, practicing boxing, she wears gloves and hits the palms of the young man who helps her in her training.

Chiquis Rivera training weight


In another clip, Chiquis is lying on the floor doing the plank pose, while with her right hand she raises and lowers a dumbbell she is holding. Afterwards, she is recorded showing off the sweat of her effort, while her coach continues to inspire her to continue with the training and thus be able to sweat more, which makes the singer motivated.


The morning show Instagram account of Tell me what you know, He was also in charge of sharing other videos in which Chiquis is observed performing other types of exercises.

Chiquis Rivera training weight2


First she is tied with a rope around her waist, while holding a ball and with her rear guard raised, she begins to perform small jumps as if she were running, then she appears kneeling on one knee and with a cane she pretends to be rowing and finally the singer is lifting knees quickly in a cardio workout.


Followers criticism

Chiquis Rivera weighed. After viewing the recordings of Chiquis Rivera, you could not miss the comments of the haters who immediately appeared to criticize the singer on social networks.

Chiquis Rivera training 3


And it is that the video where he is training has had a large number of reproductions and comments made by different users with divided opinions.

There were those who said that they criticize her because she shares everything she does in her life: «That’s why they criticize her, because she publishes everything.»

But there are also those on his side: “What a problem with some people, instead of transmitting positive things they do and write the opposite. Worse still, women criticizing other women and thus demand respect ”.

«Ridiculous old woman, I don’t know why those moms publish … as she didn’t publish when she got into her mother’s bed with her ex-husband’s kept,» said a netizen.

«What he should do is stop swallowing», «After everything is fed up in Tulum», «He also has to stop his mouth», «And then he eats 20 cakes and 10 tacos», «And then he undergoes surgery «,» It seems that what they said about her affected her, «were some of the comments.

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Photograph of Jenni Rivera’s daughter appears without photoshop

Chiquis Rivera weighed. Previously, the «real» figure of Chiquis Rivera in a bikini was leaked while walking on the beach; Internet users of social networks call her «fat» and accuse Jenni Rivera’s daughter of a fraud, due to the excess of photoshop in her Instagram photographs.


It was just a few hours ago when alleged photographs were leaked where Jenni Rivera’s daughter, Chiquis Rivera, was walking along the shore of the beach embedded in a red two-piece bikini, which exposed her entire body.

This image was shared by the official Instagram account of @ chicapicosa2, where we can see Lupillo Rivera’s niece enjoying the sea and sand.

In the photograph, Chiquis Rivera had a completely different body from the one he tends to show off on his social networks, causing Internet users to begin to argue that the ex-Lorenzo Méndez had quite a lot of cellulite and rolls on his abdomen and legs, calling her even «fat».

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