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Exclusive: Chelly Cantú talks to MundoNOW about competing in ‘Exatlón: All Stars’

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Chelly Cantú in "Exatlón United States: All Stars" (Photo: Telemundo)
  • Chelly Cantú talks about Exatlón: All Stars.
  • She tells MundoNow how she feels about the competition.
  • Cantú says Nate will be a formidable opponent.

MundoNow caught up with the winner of the first season of Exatlón: All Stars, Chelly Cantú.

The Mexican gymnast shared her feelings and insights regarding competing on the show for a second season.

Chelly is set to appear in the upcoming season of Exatlón: All Stars, which premieres on September 26 on Telemundo.

Chelly Cantú captivated viewers with her unwavering determination and athletic prowess from the very first season.

Chelly Cantú is very excited about the new season of Exatlón: All Stars

Chelly Cantú, program, interview, Telemundo, yamilet peña, "Exatlón United States: All Stars"

With a spark in her eyes, Cantú described how excited she is to compete on the upcoming season of Exatlón.

Her enthusiasm and passion for competing on the reality show were evident.

Chelly Cantú emphasized that she has never experienced anything like this in her life. She thrives on challenges and is always ready to tackle new ones.

«I relish challenges and discovering what I can truly achieve. I’m still somewhat in shape. I make an effort to keep up with my workouts,» Chelly said.

Competing for a generous prize

chuy almada, susana abundiz, raquel becker, dennhi callu, Chelly Cantú in "Exatlón United States: All Stars"

PHOTO: Telemundo

One of the highlights of the interview was the significance of the grand prize to be awarded to the winner of Exatlón: All Stars.

Chelly Cantú underscored that the potential prize money would play a pivotal role in her life and her career.

This clearly serves as an added motivation for her to give her all in the competition.

«No one just hands you half a million dollars. Undoubtedly, every athlete is keeping that in mind,» said the Monterrey native.

Chelly Cantú says she’s nervous

venado medina, nate burkhalter, exatlón, reality

However, Chelly is not alone on this journey. The athlete emphasized the fundamental support of her family, especially her husband.

She claimed to be completely focused on the possibility of taking home half a million dollars.

Despite her successful track record in the competition, Chelly Cantú said she’s somewhat nervous about returning to Exatlón: All Stars.

The athlete admitted to feeling nervous and experiencing a surge of adrenaline, emphasizing that she’ll need to refine several aspects of her performance if she hopes to claim the title once more.

The rival to beat?

Nate exathlón, united states, all stars, program
PHOTO: Telemundo

Regarding the competition, Chelly Cantú talked about which contestants she thinks are the strongest.

Among the potential rivals, she highlighted Nate, whom she views as a formidable contender and an opponent to watch.

Finally, Chelly Cantú invited the MundoNow community to tune in to the new season of Exatlón: All Stars.

With a smile on her face and a defiant attitude, she made it clear that she’s ready to give her all in the competition.

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