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Biby Gaytán’s handsome brother Alejandro stays out of the spotlight

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Secret brother Biby Gaytán, mundonow, actress, television / Secreto hermano Biby Gaytán, mundonow, actriz, televisa
Secret brother Biby Gaytán. PHOTO: Mezcalo
  • Who is Biby Gaytán’s ‘hidden’ brother?
  • Meet the actress’s family.
  • Does she support her brother’s decision?

After appearing on the reality show ¿Quién es la Máscara? and almost reaching the finale as her character Triki, Biby Gaytán is now focusing on her professional projects.

She has the full support of her husband Eduardo Capetillo and their five children.

We know the family that the actress has created with Capetillo quite well, but little is known about her siblings.

Some of them are better known because they’re in showbiz, while others lead a low-key life away from the spotlight.

The Capetillo-Gaytán family

work projects, Who is the mask?, Capetillo-Gaytán family, Eduardo Capetillo, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In 1992, Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán began dating while working together on the telenovela Baila Conmigo.

Two years later, they tied the knot and had five children together.

The eldest, Eduardo Jr., was born on August 17, 1994, and has since pursued a career as a singer.

In 2022, he made his acting debut in the series Donde Hubo Fuego, which also starred his father.

Biby’s siblings

Biby Gaytán, music, acting debut, Biby's siblings, mundonow
PHOTO: Getty Images – Archivado MundoNOW

The singer, who rose to fame in Timbiriche and telenovelas, has four siblings.

Their parents are classical ballet teacher Silvia «Bibi» Barragán and architect Daniel Gaytán.

Together, the family has cultivated a strong bond through their dedication to the arts and contributing to cultural enrichment.

Rodrigo, one of Biby’s brothers shares the same passion for the performing arts as his sister and excels as a musical theater producer at his institute in Tabasco.

Is she related to Alessandra Rosaldo?

 public profile, show, low profile, musical theater producer, mundonow
PHOTO: Archivo MundoNOW

Furthermore, Biby Gaytán’s brother, 53-year-old Gonzalo «Chacho» Gaytán, has a successful music career.

He is not only a prominent composer but also is in two groups: Gravedad Cero and Sentidos Opuestos.

The latter is a duo he formed with Alessandra Rosaldo.

He has also been a judge on TV Azteca’s La Academia.

The talented one in the family

musical theater producer, mundonow, Gonzalo "Chacho" Gaytán, composer, "Zero gravity",
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Daniel «Mano» Gaytán, a musician, director and composer, also joined Gravedad Cero and Timbiriche (replacing Erik Rubín from 1991 to 1994).

He not only excels in music but also owns the restaurant Mundo Pop in Chihuahua.

Still, Biby’s fame as eclipsed that of her siblings.

While three of them have had careers in the arts, one of them prefers to keep a low profile.

Who is Biby Gaytán’s brother Alejandro?

 Alessandra Rosaldo, judge, "The academy", Daniel "Hand" Gaytan, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Alejandro Gaytán, who prefers to stay out of the spotlight, is also a musician and has dabbled in acting.

According to La Verdad Noticias, there are rumors that he has relocated to Canada with his family.

The Mexican actress’s brother has not been seen in public very often and it is said that he does not have a good relationship with the rest of his family.

Still, a few years ago, he seemed to have a promising career like his sister.

Alejandro could have been a big star

 director, composer, "Pop World"Chihuahua, televisa, INTERVIEW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In the 90s, Alejandro was quite popular for his involvement in music and telenovelas, and he appeared in various teen magazines.

However, he decided to retire and live his life more privately, as he shared in a video from 10 years ago on YouTube.

In the video, Alejandro Gaytán talks about how, after seven years of not performing at a music festival, he had to reunite with his siblings.

Currently, he resides in Canada with his wife and children, leading a very peaceful life focused on business. To watch the video click HERE.

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