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15 reasons immigrants are essential to the US

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Of all the countries in the world, the United States receives the largest number of immigrants annually. Statistics indicate that, until 2015, more than 45 million immigrants were part of the population census in the country. This, translates to 19.1% of the more than 240 million immigrants worldwide, which undoubtedly represents positive impact on the US economy. Here, we present you 15 benefits of immigration and why immigrants are essential to the US!

3 out of 4 immigrants are part of the labor force

When speaking of immigrants, it is not only the people who come to the US with a work visa, but also those individuals who do it by alternative means and who join the workforce immediately. Statistics indicate that most immigrants, at least 3 out of every 4 people who arrive in the United States, quickly get some kind of job.

Immigrants are indispensable for agriculture

benefits of immigration

At least 23% of immigrants in the United States join the workforce in the food industry. Agriculture, fishing and hunting are just some of the areas where there is the greatest demand for immigrants. In fact, 69% of agricultural workers in the state of California are immigrants, while they make up at least 70% of the fishing industry. 

Good hospital care is a benefit of immigration

Of all the immigrants who come to the United States, a good part have academic degrees that can be used to work in health care, either as doctors, nurses, surgeons or medical assistants, to name a few. Twenty-eight percent of the specialists who provide medical care in the country are immigrants, while 24% of these are inclined to provide their services in areas such as caring for the elderly and children.

Workers fill positions that are not in high demand


In the United States, there are jobs that are not in high demand, either because of the degree of specialization required or because of the lack of benefits that temporary jobs offer. For this reason, many immigrants come to the cities of the United States to work in factories, agricultural farms or establishments where specialized labor is required.

Immigrants also contribute greatly to the economy

Immigrants have proven to be great pillars of the American economy, especially in times of crisis where manpower is required in essential positions to keep the market afloat. In addition, immigrants are not only great producers of goods and services, but benefits of immigration are also economic. In 2019 alone, a contribution of 1.9 billion dollars was reported in this sector, a substantial figure to favor the economy of the states.

Immigrants create more jobs

benefits of immigration

According to the Institute of Fiscal Policies, small businesses created by immigrants stand out for their job creation, generating jobs for more than 4.7 million people in the past decade. Job creation helps the economy and the low unemployment rate, but it also helps to generate significant income. For example, these types of businesses are known to generate more than $ 750 billion annually.

They are indispensable for the food industry

As you have seen, immigrants who come to work in the United States tend to work in the fields and on farms. They collect fruit and transport it to the 50 states and even abroad. Since the beginning of the pandemic, immigrants dedicated to farm work related to the food industry have proven to be vital for the economy, but also for providing an essential service while risking their own physical well-being.

Immigrants attract greater diversity


Immigrants enrich the economy of a country not only through actions related to their employment, but also through the opportunities that arise from their adaptation to the country. The arrival of more immigrants offers a broader view of the realities that are experienced in the world, and contributes to enriching the gastronomic and cultural offer that will attract more visitors and immigrants.

Contribute to economic recovery

If one thing is certain, it is that the economic spill of the United States would be dramatically affected without the benefits of immigration. Immigrants, regardless of their status, make fiscal contributions that improve the country’s economy. Especially in times of economic crisis, the work of immigrants and their consequent purchasing power have proven to be a decisive factor for the country’s economic recovery in 2020 and 2021.

Consistently contribute to the construction industry

A construction that is being built by workers

There are at least two ways in which the construction industry benefits from the arrival of immigrants to the United States; The first is that this industry is one of those that have shown the highest growth, creating close to 2 million jobs in 2020. On the other hand, immigrants who establish their fixed residence in the country are in search of a home, which increases the demand for construction.

They assist in elder care

Not all immigrants who settle in the United States do so to dedicate themselves to the food industry, construction or factory positions. There are also many more that cover basic needs of care for the elderly. Foster homes, shelters, hospitals, retirement centers and other institutions are looking for workers trained to meet the basic needs of older adults to provide them with a 100% personalized and professional service at this stage of life.

They create new technologies


Immigrants have earned great fame for their work ethic and for the innovations they have contributed in science and technology. According to the population census, immigrants represent 33% of engineers, 27% of mathematicians and 24% of scientists in the area of ​​physics. One of the most interesting facts about immigrants and their contribution to innovation is that, in the past decade, it was found that more than 75% of approved patents were granted to immigrants.

They create their own companies

The creation of small and large businesses finds notable support in the immigrant population who make the decision to invest in the creation of their own companies, contributing to self-employment. According to data from the Fiscal Policy Institute, businesses created by immigrants employed about 5 million people in 2007, and currently report annual revenues of more than $ 700 billion.

Increase in demand for some products


The arrival of immigrants and the creation of new companies often respond to the specific needs of these groups, especially those who are in search of food and products typical of their countries. In this sense, the Center for Migration Policies of the United States estimates that the purchasing power of Latino and Asian immigrants can reach figures of up to 1.5 billion dollars annually.

They help create new laws

Not all immigrants who settle in the United States find work in factories, wholesale stores, or agricultural farms; many of them are dedicated to the study of social, economic and political dynamics to create laws that benefit their community. Many of them have managed to make a difference to demand from the rulers better working conditions and facilities to specify their immigration status within the country.

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