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Arizona: Police officer Salvador Cuevas is arrested for harassing his wife

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Foto: Oficina del Alguacil del Condado de Pinal.
  • Harassing police: Salvador Cuevas was arrested by federal agents of the US Marshals in Arizona accused of harassment, threats and domestic violence against his wife
  • Cuevas is an agent with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office assigned to the Homeland Security Unit that prosecutes crimes of undocumented immigrants in the Phoenix area.
  • Cuevas’ wife is also a police officer and filed for divorce due to her husband’s violent nature.

Arizona. Police Salvador Cuevas

was arrested by federal agents in Arizona accused of harassing his wife who is also a police officer.

Cuevas was detained by federal agents of the US Marshals accused of harassing and threatened his wife who filed for divorce because of her violent nature.

The detainee is an officer of the Department of Maricopa County Sheriff (MCSO, for its acronym in English), in Phoenix, where he is assigned to the National Security Unit that prosecutes the crimes of undocumented persons.

Cuevas’ wife is an agent for the Tempe Police Department (TPD, for its acronym in English) and who for months has been separated from the man and in the process of divorce due to a serious case of domestic violence.

The TPD requested the arrest of Cuevas to the federal agents of the US Marshals because the man is an armed elite officer, with training in hand-to-hand combat and police intelligence tactics.

The arrest warrant against Cuevas details that the accusation against the man is for constantly harassing his wife, whom he spied on in person and on social media.

For the victim’s safety, and his police position, his name will not be revealed. Only that it is assigned to the investigations carried out by the legal department of the TPD.

US Marshals agents, specialized in detaining dangerous fugitives, mounted an operation outside Cuevas’ home on the night of Thursday, September 10, 2020.

Police from the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) of the TPD also assisted in support in the event that the fugitive police officer had a backlash.

Salvador Cuevas, an elite police officer, had to be detained by federal agents of the US Marshals specialized in arresting dangerous fugitives. (Photo: Pinal County Sheriff’s Office)

Arizona. However, when Cuevas saw that there were dozens of armed officers outside his house, the man decided to surrender to the federal officers without resisting.

In the arrest also participated agents of ls Pinal County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO, for its acronym in English) who transferred the detainee to jail.

Due to his work as a police officer, the PCSO agents put Salvador Cuevas in a cell separate from the rest of the inmates.

Since Cuevas’ wife is also a police officer, the man faces charges of harassment of a public servant, threats to a public servant and the pending case he had of domestic violence.

Arizona. In the legal documents of the case against Cuevas it is detailed that the Gilbert Police Department (GPD) will also press charges against the elite police officer.

However, at the time of writing this story, it is not detailed what pending causes Cuevas has in the small town of Gilbert in the southeast of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone sent a statement to MundoHispánico about the arrest of one of his elite officers.

«We are aware that one of our officers has been arrested and charged with criminal violations … we remain committed to holding our employees to the highest standards of behavior and violations of our codes will not be tolerated,» said Penzone.

Arizona. According to Sheriff Penzone, his corporation has already contacted his colleagues from the TPD to assist them with all the information they need to investigate the police officer Salvador Cuevas.

However, Penzone did not clarify whether Cuevas is still an MCSO officer or if he has already been fired from his position.

«We will make sure to provide all the information and support to the corresponding authorities so that a transparent investigation is carried out,» said Penzone.

Until the time of writing this story, Cuevas was waiting in the Pinal County Jail for his first appointment before the judge, where the charges will be officially presented, which is scheduled for Monday, September 14.

Arizona. The city of Tempe it also issued a statement on the arrest of police officer Salvador Cuevas and the severe harassment of a public servant.

«The TPD began a criminal investigation in which the victim is a city employee and who expressed feeling threatened and fearful towards her person and towards other city employees,» the statement sent to MundoHispánico by the city communication department.

However, the city of Tempe does not detail what specifically Cuevas’ harassment of his wife consisted or the threats that made the woman feel vulnerable.

Due to the work of Salvador Cuevas and that of her husband, the legal documents of their divorce are not up for public consultation by decision of the civil judge in charge of the case.

In its statement, the city of Tempe details that Salvador Cuevas harassed and threatened, in addition to his wife, another TPD employee, but they do not detail his relationship with the woman.

According to information from the city, that other employee also felt threatened and fears for his life due to the actions that Cuevas took against him.

The city of Tempe closed its statement asking «in the most respectful way that any other information about the case be asked to the District Attorney’s Office in Pinal County who now have the jurisdiction to have over the case» ends.

Except for the arrest warrant against the police officer Salvador Cuevas, the rest of the documents of the case are not available for public consultation by order of the judge to protect the identity of the victims.

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