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Aracely Arámbula lashes out at Luis Miguel for not seeing their children

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Aracely Arámbula and Luis Miguel (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Aracely Arámbula is furious with Luis Miguel.
  • She denies she’s restricting his visits.
  • She wants him to see his children.

Popular actress Aracely Arámbula took the time to talk to the Mexican press on the red carpet for the play, Vaselina.

The Mexican actress lashed out at the father of her children, Luis Miguel, at this event.

She took advantage of the presence of cameras to clarify information that came out regarding the singer’s relationship with his children.

She spoke about how involved Luis Miguel is with his kids, as well as the issue of child support that came to light a few months ago.

Aracely Arámbula lashes out at Luis Miguel

Aracely Arámbula, Luis Miguel, Vaseline, Red carpet, Relationship
PHOTO Mezcalent

Aracely Arámbula told the media that the rumors spreading in Spain — saying she wasn’t allowing Luis Miguel to see their children — were a lie.

«They said that I had to be present so that he could see them. To begin with, right now I’m not interested in seeing his face because I really dislike him,» said the actress.

«They said: ‘She has to be present,’ because that was the case when they were four and six, but now they are 16 and 14, they are already taller than him,» she said.

«So I hope that if he is aware of them, he has to look for them, not wait for them to arrive at the concert like when he snaps his fingers and they are all there,» she added.

Aracely denies rumors about her children

Children, Statements, Communiqué, Maintenance, Mexican press
PHOTO Mezcalent

«The truth is that just as that enormous sun rises, as big as his ego, I hope his heart is that big for his children,» Arámbula railed against Luis Miguel.

Aracely told the media on the red carpet that she did not want to say anything bad about the singer, but she would say what she felt.

«That fact that I don’t let him see them is a lie. And I don’t have to be there. Obviously there are also people from my family,” she reiterated.

«Imagine, a person with whom they have almost no communication and then I send them on a trip. Obviously not,” said Arámbula.

She compares him to other famous fathers

Event, Paloma Cuevas, Rumors, Stage, Coexistence

PHOTO Mezcalent

The actress could not help but make comparisons, pointing out that other singers find a way to balance their career and their children.

«I’m going to tell you something. Like all fathers, being an idol does not mean that he cannot be a good dad,» Aracely pointed out.

«See Alejandro Fernández with his children on stage, with his granddaughter; Chayanne … and … how is it possible that they have a father who is an star?» she added.

«I have always told them: ‘Admire your dad a lot, because your dad is a great, great artist,’ but I hope that this great artist is also a great father for them,» she said.

Luis Miguel is a delinquent dad

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PHOTO Mezcalent

Arámbula also addressed the issue of child support from her ex, Luis Miguel, explaining that he still does not pay child support.

«Yes, he is a delinquent dad, but some details are missing and I am at peace with my life,» she told the assembled media.

«I am a woman who works a lot, I don’t need any help to support my children,» added the actress.

«It is a responsibility, of course, and an obligation, and it is the right of my children,» she said.

Luis Miguel lives with Paloma’s daughters

Visits, Parents, Family, Career, Interview
PHOTO Mezcalent

Aracely Arámbula also revealed how her children reacted after it came to light that the singer lived with Paloma Cuevas’ daughters.

«My children did say: ‘Mom, why did my dad go to pick up this lady’s daughters?'» she told the cameras.

«And I told them, well, they are the daughters of our friends and they are not to blame for anything.»

«They didn’t get angry. They just said: ‘Wow, why do you go there and you don’t to my school?’” Arámbula concluded. To see the videos click HERE and HERE.

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