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Antonio de Nigris’ mother blames her daughter-in-law for his death

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Antonio de Nigris' mother speaks out /Photo: Getty Images
  • Antonio de Nigris’ mother speaks out.
  • She blames her daughter-in-law for the footballer’s death.
  • The controversy reignites on social media.

More than 14 years ago, on November 16, 2009, Mexico mourned the loss of talented footballer Antonio de Nigris.

According to El Universal, the popular player died in Greece, where he was playing for AE Larissa.

The mystery surrounding his death remains to this day, and a video circulating on social media has stirred up the controversy again.

Tano’s mother, Leticia Guajardo, has revived the controversy by accusing her daughter-in-law, Sonia Guerra, of being responsible for her son’s death at the age of 31.

Antonio de Nigris’ tragic death

Death, Footballer, Sports, Tragedy, Mother Antonio de Nigris
Photo: Mezcalent

Since that tragic day, the circumstances surrounding Antonio de Nigris’ death have been the subject of speculation and pain for his fans and family.

However, the controversy has resurfaced with Leticia Guajardo’s statements, directly blaming her son’s wife for his premature death.

The mother of renowned influencer, presenter and actor Poncho de Nigris has spoken out.

The viral video was posted on a TikTok fan page account for La Casa de los Famosos.

Poncho de Nigris’ mother speaks out

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Photo: Mezcalent

«The truth is that I wanted to clarify all that. I was shocked by the defamation (by her daughter-in-law) and more that she messes with Toño,» began his mother.

«More than her telling me, ‘It’s your fault’ and I don’t know what,» Antonio de Nigris’ said in a livestream posted on TikTok.

«I didn’t kill him. I handed him over alive and well to his wife. I’m not to blame for him dying; it was his wife and the doctor,» Leticia Guajardo continued.

«His wife didn’t care about his health. She preferred him to keep playing for money. She encouraged him to risk his life, and my boy didn’t last long,» she added.

Leticia Guajardo made strong statements

Revelation, Family, Sadness, Grief, Loss
Photo: Mezcalent

«Such a good boy, such a good brother, so good at everything, but well, what can I say… I’m the worst mom in the world. I’m a woman from the streets, a drunkard, and a smoker,» she said.

She said this because that’s allegedly what her late son’s widow has said about her.

«That’s what they want me to be, but they won’t achieve it. I have to take care of my temple, my body, so as not to be a nuisance and not let them say they spend money on me,» she said.

«I just wanted to clarify that so that you know it’s all a lie,» concluded Antonio de Nigris’ mother.

Reactions from internet users

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Photo: Mezcalent

Leticia Guajardo’s statements have fueled controversy surrounding Antonio de Nigris’ untimely death.

«Well, only they as a family know what happened.» «Did the wife take him… I mean, wasn’t Toño an adult? Wasn’t it his decision?» some commented.

«God forbid having a mother-in-law like that!» «That’s right, Mrs. Lety. Don’t let yourself be; you will come out better than all of them!» «Children are the worst judges,» they continued..

The anniversary of Tano’s death not only evokes sadness for the loss of a talented footballer but also reopens old wounds, points out El Universal.

See the video HERE.


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