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Plumber Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez was shot to death in North Carolina

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Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez (Photo: GoFundMe)
  • Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez was shot to death.
  • A teenager was also injured.
  • He was leaving a soccer game.

Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez’s dreams were violently cut short as he was leaving the Truist Sports Park complex in North Carolina.

He had just attended an NC Fusion youth soccer match.

«Bryan was a hard worker with big dreams such as growing his plumbing company and providing for his family,» his sister, Edith Salinas Martínez wrote on GoFundMe.

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Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez was ambushed

victim, shooting, ambush, football, attack, Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez
Photo: Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

In a shocking shooting on Highway 158 in Davie County, «Bryan’s life was taken unexpectedly,» Edith added without giving further details of the shooting.

At 8:30 p.m., Martínez and three friends left the soccer park in a white Dodge Charger.

They did not notice that the driver of a red/burgundy Dodge Charger began to follow them.

On Highway 158, near the Forsyth county border, passengers in the red Dodge Charger apparently opened fire on the four occupants in Martínez’s car and quickly drove off.

A plumber’s dreams ended

Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez, crime, crime, death, shootings, hispanic plumber
Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez / PHOTO: GoFundMe

They left behind a heart-wrenching scene for the plumber’s family.

Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez, who was at the wheel according to the Davie Sheriff’s Office report, died almost instantly after the bullets penetrated the car.

The second victim, whose identity was not disclosed by the authorities, was found alive by paramedics inside the car.

The 17-year-old girl had a gunshot wound and was transported to the hospital, where she remained under medical observation for 24 hours, according to police.

Police are looking for the suspects in the shooting of Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez

Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez, crime, crime, death, shootings
Photo: Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

There are still no clues about the identity of the shooters.

The Davie County Sheriff’s office stated that the red/burgundy Dodge Charger had the rear driver’s side window covered with what appeared to be a garbage bag, according to The Greensboro News & Record.

It also had a spoiler on the rear trunk.

«We are seeking any witnesses that may have information about the vehicles or people involved while they were in the soccer park,» the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Police are asking for information from the public

police, authorities, agents, officers, usa, hispanic plumber

Anyone with information about this shooting can contact the Davie County Sheriff’s Office at 336-751-6238 or by email at

As the authorities work to identify the murderers, the family of Anselmo Bryan Salinas Martínez is trying to overcome their pain.

As his sister wrote on GoFundMe, he was «good son, brother, boyfriend but overall a beautiful human being.»

We hope that the culprits will soon be found.

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