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Another broken dynasty! Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr makes Jenni Rivera’s mother cry because of the things he said about the family (VIDEO)

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  • Does the Rivera dynasty suffer from the same problem as the Guzmán dynasty?
  • Mrs. Rosa Rivera cries after hearing her son Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr’s message
  • It seems that Chiquis, Rosie and Juan Rivera have conflicts

Things between the Rivera family seem not to be well since apparently Chiquis Rivera was upset with her aunt and uncle Rosie and Juan for certain behaviors that led her to think that they were not ‘happy’ with the things that Jenni Rivera’s daughter did; now Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr made Jenni Rivera’s mother, Doña Rosa Rivera, cry with a message.

Along with the scandal that has divided the Guzmán family, due to the statements of Frida Sofía, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, it seems that the Rivera dynasty is not going through a great phase either, and it was the Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr who gave a message.

Jenni Rivera’s mother received a message from her son Pedro Rivera Jr

Jenni Rivera's mother cries (IG)
Jenni Rivera’s mother cries (IG)

Through a video posted on Doña Rosa Rivera’s Facebook and reproduced by ‘Chamonic’s’ Instagram, you can see how Jenni Rivera’s mother is cooking but accompanied by her son, Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr, who gives a message about the Family junction.

“You suffer and cry because I believe that your desire is to have the whole family together, the whole family being able to get along with each other, that is what makes a father, a mother, money, material things happy. They are left over when you don’t have your family with you, your children, ”the pastor began.

Doña Rosa Rivera shed tears for the pastor’s message

Pedro Rivera Jr gave a message to Jenni's family (IG)
Pedro Rivera Jr gave a message to Jenni’s family (IG)

Could it be that the Shepherd Would Pedro Rivera Jr try to reach out to his brothers and nephews who are apparently divided? Through his words, he expressed: «That is why we have to try to be all together, to forgive each other, to receive each other, although there may no longer be that intimate relationship but we can still love each other.»

And the pastor questioned Doña Rosa Rivera, telling him if that was what she wanted: «Of course,» he limited himself to saying through tears, and his son, the pastor, alluded to the fact that someone had sent him some flowers as a sign of affection and peace, but that was not enough.

Did you want to please Jenni Rivera’s mother with some flowers?

Jenni Rivera's family is fractured? (IG)
Jenni Rivera’s family is fractured? (IG)

The pastor assured that ‘with some flowers’ things are not fixed: «They can bring you some flowers and they are beautiful but they will die but when you have a united family, well that is the most you want … 73 years and I believe that you still have many more years to live and maybe that will happen where family, friends, relatives leave their pride and can unite… ”, he expressed in a clear message for several members of the family.

But the pastor did not want to keep anything and asked God for the life of Jenni Rivera’s mother: “Father, I thank you for the life of my mother, we glorify you with power and that you act in a special way in her Heart, give him peace, give him love, give him happiness, and thank you because after this I am going to eat this rich pozole that my mother made ”, he concluded.

The comments appeared for Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr

Mrs. Rosa Rivera cries (IG)
Mrs. Rosa Rivera cries (IG)

People opined on him message of ‘separation’ of the Rivera family: «Well, that is the daily bread that is lived in Latin families, they have lost respect and the desire for union», «The saddest thing is that the whole family meets in a funeral and that’s the saddest thing ”.

«But they are still human and like any family separations hurt, hopefully they will be fixed soon», «Yes, very sad for her and she looked at herself in the last video of Juan, the bad faces and discomfort when Chiquis approached. How sad for the lady that her family just can’t be well «,» That family used to blame Mayeli for everything and now it comes to light that they only seek each other for publicity, that’s why Jenni cried so much at her concerts, which what is needed is more love than words ”, they expressed.

Could it be that there would be reconciliation with Mrs. Rosa Rivera?

Pedro gave a message (IG)
Pedro gave a message (IG)

The separation of the Rivera family is due to the fact that Chiquis Rivera does not speak to his uncles Juan and Rosie Rivera before the separation with Lorenzo Méndez and since he supposedly wanted to make his own tequila, which they took badly for being ‘competition’ for him by Jenni Rivera.

«Poor Mrs. Rosa has to pray a lot for her family and more for Chiquis who only likes to be involved in scandal to be able to attract attention», «All that family creates controversy to gain fame but bad and it is sad because Jenni was never like this «,» Who are not talking to each other now? Before it was Lupillo with almost everyone, and now? ”, Said the people in the video. HERE YOU CAN SEE WHAT PASTOR PEDRO RIVERA JR SAID

Jenni Rivera’s mother shared her experience when she was detained at the border

Sad by family situation (IG)
Sad by family situation (IG)

Through her Facebook channel, Jenni Rivera’s mother, Mrs. Rosa Rivera, recounted her experience when she was detained at the border for the least expected reason, in addition to the fact that at the same time she was fighting a disease that was affecting her health, as expressed.

Mrs. Rosa Rivera has a Facebook page where she shares cooking recipes step by step and this time while preparing a dish, she dared to say that on one occasion she was arrested at the border for trying to cross Mexican territory with some chili peppers …

Jenni Rivera’s mother expressed that the arrest she had at the border was for food

Mrs. Rosa (Instagram)
Mrs. Rosa (Instagram)

«They detained me at the border,» is the title of the video that Jenni Rivera’s mother shared on her Facebook recounting her experience. “Regularly when I go to #Tijuana I buy there what I need and what I can only find on that side. This is what happened to me once I crossed ”, described Mrs. Rosa Rivera.

While she was cutting the ingredients for her recipe, Mrs. Rosa Rivera did not hesitate to tell her followers that she has also had to be detained at the border, as happens to many immigrants or people who naturally cross into Mexican territory.

While cooking, Jenni Rivera’s mother shared what happened

Jenni Rivera's mother detained at the border (Instagram)
Jenni Rivera’s mother detained at the border (Instagram)

Mrs. Rosa Rivera began by narrating: «On Christmas days they stopped us, they were stopping a lot of people because they bring a lot of merchandise … I brought this from Tijuana, look how it falls apart», referring to the meat she was using to prepare the kitchen dish .

«If they take me to Tijuana, then I buy what there is not here, like this there is, I think, smoked fish, but it is not that friendly (manageable) but there are many things that I bring such as flour, corn flour and butter from that vegetable, because here there is, but it’s not the same ”, said Mrs. Rosa Rivera, but without imagining that they would stop her …

Chili peppers were not the only thing they took from Jenni Rivera’s mother at the border

Mrs. Rosa Rivera narrated what happened to her (IG)
Mrs. Rosa Rivera narrated what happened to her (IG)

And she was emphatic in saying that they were watching people a lot at the border at that time: “They stopped us, they were stopping a lot of people because they brought a lot of merchandise and they weren’t letting tomatoes, chili peppers, or any meat or meat through. pork or chorizo ​​and they grabbed us… ”, he said.

But what was it that they ‘caught’ Jenni Rivera’s mother? She told it herself shamelessly: «They grabbed me with some green chilies that I brought, the bag is that big because I knew they were good there and I also brought small ones and they didn’t take it away because it’s beef,» she said while cutting fish. Here you can see the video of Mrs. Rosa

People ‘identified’ with the experience of Mrs. Rosa Rivera on the border

Jenni's Mom (IG)
Jenni’s Mom (IG)

The pandemic was what caused Jenni Rivera’s mother to go to look for food in Tijuana in Mexico and when she returned it was when certain products were confiscated at the border: “You want to bring yourself but not because the pandemic that there was, I don’t know what bugs in the vegetables or fruit but I never bring fruit from there anyway ”.

«I don’t even bring pork meat from there because they don’t leave it, but the good thing is that they don’t fine you but knowing I think they will fine you with an avocado $ 500 I don’t know how much, with an avocado with a mango, some Chinese came and brought some coconuts and they also grabbed them because it has to be open or peeled but one learns not to bring oneself… ”, concluded Jenni Rivera’s mother. Some images of this note come from the following video

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