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The Andes survivors today

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Andes survivors today, accident, dead, Uruguay, MundoNOW/Sobrevivientes Andes actualidad, accidente, muertos, Uruguay, MundoNOW
The Andes survivors today (PHOTO: YouTube)
  • Where are the Andes survivors today?
  • They have taken diverse paths.
  • There’s renewed interest because of Society of the Snow.

Since its release on Netflix, Society of the Snow has sparked considerable discussion on social media.

This film tells the story of the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in the Andes in 1972, where out of 45 people on board, only 16 survived.

Today, 14 of them are still alive.

One of the questions many people have is what the Andes survivors are doing now. Pay close attention.

Roberto Canessa was the one with ‘the strongest legs’

Current Andes survivors, Roberto Canessa, doctor, cardiologist, MundoNOW
PHOTO: YouTube

According to National Geographic, over 50 years after the tragedy, the Andes survivors still occasionally get together.

One of the most well-known is Roberto Canessa, who, along with Nando Parrado, embarked on a long trek in the mountains to seek help.

Upon returning to Uruguay, he completed his medical studies and became a renowned pediatric cardiologist.

Among his greatest achievements, he received the National Medicine Award and ventured into politics. He is now 70 years old.

Nando Parrado lost his mother and sister in the crash

Nando Parrado, Eugenia, Susana, car driver, MundoNOW
The Andes survivors today / Photo: YouTube

On the other hand, Nando Parrado, who lost his mother and sister in this accident, is another of the most remembered Andes survivors.

According to Popcorn News on YouTube, he left the university where he studied mechanical engineering to fully engage in the family hardware business.

He also tried his luck as a speedboat and car racer.

Known for being the most media-savvy, he is a television presenter, motivational speaker and author of the book Miracle in the Andes. He is 74 years old.

Carlitos Páez is another of the Andes survivors

Current Andes Survivors, Carlitos Páez, The Snow Society, Netflix, MundoNOW
Photo: YouTube

One of the Andes survivors who has given several interviews around the release of Society of the Snow is Carlitos Páez.

Upon returning to his home country, he became an agricultural technician and he also studied advertising.

Páez set up his own communication and public relations consultancy and wrote two books: Después del Día Diez and Desde la Cordillera del Alma.

In addition, he gives talks about his experience in the Andes. He is 70 years old.

Alfredo Delgado had it the toughest

Alfredo Delgado, lawyer, Anthropophagy, cannibalism, MundoNOW
The Andes survivors today / Photo: YouTube

Popcorn News also states that Alfredo Delgado was one of the Andes survivors may have had it the toughest.

This is because, upon returning from the mountains, he had to confess in a press conference that they ate human flesh to survive.

‘Pancho,’ as he is also known, studied law and is a renowned notary.

He is said to have one of the most prestigious notarial offices in Uruguay and maintains a low profile. He is 76 years old.

And the other Andes survivors today?

Antonio Vizintín, José Pedro Algorta, Ramón Sabella, Roy Harley, MundoNOW
The Andes survivors today / Photo: YouTube

According to National Geographic, the remaining Andes survivors are:

Roy Harley, cousins Eduardo, Daniel and Adolfo (also known as ‘Fito’) Strauch, Gustavo Zerbino and Antonio Vizintín.

Álvaro Mangino, Roberto ‘Bobby’ Francois, Ramón Sabella and José Pedro Algorta are also survivors of the crash. All of them are over 70 years old.

While Javier Methol passed away in 2015, José Luis Nicolás Inciarte lost his life just last year.

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