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Ana María Canseco is disappointed in Lupillo Rivera for his behavior on ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

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Ana María Canseco criticizes Lupillo Rivera (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Ana María Canseco criticizes Lupillo Rivera.
  • He continues to cause controversy on LCDLF.
  • What did he do?

Lupillo Rivera, who has been beloved on La Casa de los Famosos, shocked everyone with his recent behavior.

The sudden change in public perception has generated a significant stir on social media.

People are questioning how Lupillo Rivera has been acting towards women.

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What has Lupillo done?

Lupillo Rivera, Ana María Canseco, Telemundo, controversy, mundonow
Ana María Canseco criticizes Lupillo Rivera / PHOTO: Meznivel

Lupillo Rivera started the controversy when he made the decision to end his alliance with Tierra and join Agua.

This happened after he said he felt «betrayed» when Romeh made dinner for Ariadna Gutiérrez over the weekend.

Many felt that Lupillo was just throwing a tantrum because he is also interested in Ariadna. It has sparked debate on social media.

Opinions are divided about his change of strategy.

Viewers don’t support Jenni’s brother

radical change, betrayal, strategy, mundonow
PHOTO: Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive

Celebrities have taken to social media to weigh in on this development and the majority don’t support the regional Mexican singer.

Prominent personalities have strong opinions on the matter.

Some have openly criticized Lupillo Rivera, questioning his behavior and motivation.

Others have expressed surprise and disbelief at the way the situation on the show has evolved.

Ana María Canseco criticizes Lupillo

alliance, social networks, public opinion, mundonow
PHOTO: Meznivel

Former Telemundo host Ana María Canseco spoke about the recent developments on the reality show.

It was clear she wasn’t happy with the ways things were going.

Canseco, who is known for her candor, shared her thoughts on social media, sparking a debate among the show’s fans.

Ana María Canseco’s comments brought a new perspective to the debate.

What did she say?

Ana María Canseco criticizes lupillo, lupillo rivera, la casa de los famosos, behavior
Ana María Canseco criticizes Lupillo Rivera / PHOTO: Screenshot of X

«The points I had won and how charming I had found him (so much so that I defended him tooth and nail) vanished,» Ana María tweeted.

«An idol fell off #NoesNo,» she continued.

«How crazy there are people here who justify the actions of a person who was told NO, with the fact that she is to blame for dancing, her clothing or whether she was laughing or not,» she wrote.

«So if that were the case, he would have fallen in love with the lady who showed him the chichis and grabbed her buttocks, right?»

Ana María Canseco doesn’t like the way Lupillo treats women

Ana María Canseco criticizes lupillo, lupillo rivera, la casa de los famosos, behavior
PHOTO: Screenshot of X

Ana María Canseco expressed her disapproval in another post, saying that she does not agree with someone treating women as possessions.

«He has daughters and I don’t think he thinks it’s okay for someone to treat them like possessions,» she wrote.

Canseco commented, “Of the betrayals, this is one of the ugliest. Lupe many of your fans (you broke our hearts).”

Her comments reflect the deep disappointment and concern she feels toward Lupillo Rivera and his recent behavior on the reality show.

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