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Ana Jurka talks about lip blushing and whether she has fillers

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Lip Blushing, Ana Jurka, host, Telemundo, MundoNOW / Lip Blushing, Ana Jurka, conductora, Telemundo, MundoNOW
Ana Jurka talks about lip blushing / PHOTO: Shutterstock / Mezcalent
  • Ana Jurka talks about lip blushing.
  • The host said goodbye to Telemundo.
  • What did she say about cosmetic procedures?

In February of this year, when no one expected it, television host Ana Jurka bid farewell to En Casa Con Telemundo.

The journalist, originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, had been with the show for three years.

She clarified on social media that she was leaving «at the right moment and with a heart full of gratitude.»

Just a few days ago, she caught the attention of her fans after undergoing a cosmetic procedure called lip blushing.

«I had lip blushing done, do you know what it is?»

lip blush, technique, makeup, tattoo, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In a video shared on her official Facebook page, Ana Jurka said that she had undergone lip blushing.

The TV presenter approached the camera to show off her lips, which were still rosy.

«But I want to have a tint on top,» she said, before talking about the place where she had this cosmetic procedure done.

«First, they apply a cream, which is like an anesthetic, and then they start doing the ‘lifting’.» Ana compared it to a tattoo, but it’s not permanent.

The cost of beauty

Lip Blushing, procedure, anesthesia, Brazilian Touch, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Next, you can see Ana Jurka at the beginning of the lip blushing process, and she acknowledged that the anesthetic looked funny.

Later, she wanted to clarify that the color would only be this intense for the first few days.

«Then it goes away, and only a shade darker my natural color will remain,» commented the Zona Mixta host.

She also shared that the anesthetic makes your lips pale so the color appears darker: «In three days, it will really show,» she assured.

Ana Jurka has been asked if she gets filler

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Ana Jurka said that several people have asked her if she gets lip filler.

«No, but that’s also why I like to do it just inside my lip. Some people can even do it to make them look more plump.»

The host pointed out that one of the benefits of lip blushing is that it can make them look more defined.

«I like my lips like this…» said Ana, who didn’t miss the opportunity to share the cost of this procedure.

Ana Jurka is criticized

Lip Blushing, Ana Jurka, cosmetic procedures, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

If you thought Ana Jurka’s fans would congratulate her for getting lip blushing, you’d be wrong.

One person told her she was very beautiful and asked her, please, not to start changing or modifying anything.

«Ana, don’t do too many things. You are very young and super beautiful.» «To look beautiful, you don’t need anything, just be yourself.»

Finally, someone commented: «With all due respect, she doesn’t need to do absolutely anything.»

What is lip blushing?

Sugarin Studio, Los Angeles, California, cosmetic procedure, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to Elle, lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup.

It is a cosmetic tattoo that enhances your lips’ natural color and can make them look more defined.

Christina Son, owner of Sugarin Studio in Los Angeles, California, has more to say about this cosmetic procedure.

«It offers very natural results once healed… delivers a more natural look and gives the illusion of fuller lips.”

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