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Plan cósmico: Alien Contact in Chilca

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Contacto extraterrestre de Chilca, Platillo volador, Montañas, MundoNow, Podcast
Alien contact in Chilca, Shutterstock
  • Plan cósmico shares with you the experience of alien contact in Chilca.
  • Sixto Paz narrates everything that happened afterward in this otherworldly episode.
  • He tells you who he is and the communication that was had with Ashtar Sheran.

In this episode of the Cosmic Plan podcast, the fascinating experience of extraterrestrial contact that occurred in the desert of Chilca, south of Lima, on February 7, 1974, is explored.

Here’s a summary of the topics covered:

The episode recounts the mental and physical preparation for the scheduled encounter with aliens. Once they feel prepared, they climb the surrounding hills to avoid confusion with terrestrial sightings.

During the rendezvous, a luminous object appeared behind the hills and moved over the group, projecting an intense light that caused panic and amazement among those present.

Messages from Ashtar Sheran

Waves, Chilca extraterrestrial contact, Light, MundoNow, Podcast

What happens after the encounter? The group began receiving communications from various extraterrestrial beings, including Ashtar Sheran.

This being shared information about the importance of the contact mission and the preparation to establish a communication bridge with humanity.

The figure of Ashtar Sheran, commander of the Extraterrestrial Star Fleet, is explored, who communicated through an American contact named Jorge Vantage and shared messages and teachings for humanity.

Are there aliens civilizations present on Earth? This is discussed, as well as the coexistence of some of these beings among humans.


Earth, Space, Clouds, MundoNow, Podcast

Despite warnings about planetary future, alien communications conveyed an optimistic message about human potential to transform the world with a positive vision and a commitment to life.

The importance of physical, mental, and spiritual preparation for alien contact was emphasized, including practices such as breathing, healthy eating, therapeutic fasting, physical exercise, and meditation.

Were substances used to enhance their sensory abilities? This was also an important topic regarding the preparation of the researchers.

What message did they share? Are we in danger? Don’t miss this episode of the alien contact in Chilca from Plan cósmico to continue exploring these fascinating topics!

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