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Alejandro Fernández is rude to his son’s mother-in-law at the wedding

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  • Was Alejandro Fernández rude?
  • The singer’s son got married this weekend.
  • Doesn’t he have any manners?

After celebrating their civil wedding in May of last year, Alex Fernández and Alexia Hernández fulfilled their dream of getting married in a church. The ceremony was planned by Fabiola Alférez and, although the couple had postponed their wedding due to the health of Vicente Fernández, finally they are husband and wife in the eyes of the church.

Along with their family, friends and more than two hundred guests, Alex Fernández and Alexia Hernández celebrated their romantic wedding. Alexia wore hand-embroidered dresses inspired by Hindu weddings. A DJ and a mariachi were in charge of creating the atmosphere for the party.

A very special day!

A very special day!
PHOTO: Instagram

This ceremony took place a year and a half after welcoming their firstborn Mia. Also, let’s remember that the couple had been planning their wedding for two years, but the pandemic and the death of Vicente Fernández forced them to postpone it.

The bride and groom swore eternal love at their third wedding at The Temple of San Juan Macías, located in Zapopan. They were married for the first time in May of last year and the second celebration took place at a property belonging to Alejandro Fernandez in Puerto Vallarta.

Their families were present

Their families were present
PHOTO: Instagram

On the other hand, his mother América Guinart told the media that she was happy for her son’s big day. «I am happy for him, his happiness will always be mine, I wish him a life full of happiness, a marriage full of love.» For his part, Alejandro Fernández said, «I wish him happiness, he knows perfectly well how to carry out this commitment.»

The twins América and Camila Fernández were the godmothers of their older brother. The Fernández family has again reunited since Vicente’s death.

Was Alejandro Fernández rude to his son’s mother-in-law?

Alejandro Fernández rude mother-in-law: Did he commit rudeness?
PHOTO: Instagram

Álex Fernández was about to enter the church accompanied by his mother as is the tradition, while Alejandro was behind his son accompanied by his mother-in-law, but internet users noticed a gesture made by «El Potrillo» that was described as disrespectful.

Vicente Fernández’s son did not to offer his arm to his daughter-in-law’s mother and many internet users criticized the singer. In a VIDEO you can see how the lady tried to take Alejandro’s arm and walked alone. FILED UNDER: Alejandro Fernández rude mother-in-law

He lacks education

Alejandro Fernández rude mother-in-law: He lacks education
PHOTO: Instagram

In a video circulating on social media, the moment is clear, and internet users had no mercy: «Alejandro failed to be attentive to his son’s mother-in-law and offer her his arm, everyone looked nervous !!» «Too bad Alejandro for not taking the mother in law by the arm! Where are those manners?”

“America, a real lady!! How far Alejandro was from the class and education of the mother of his children.” “The poor lady wanted to enter arm in arm.” “Arrogant he did not give the arm of the mother of the bride.” With information from Univision.

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