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Olga Tañón confirms Adamari López’s weight-loss secret (VIDEO)

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  • Olga Tañón confirms what many thought about Adamari López.
  • Gossip No Like reveals that the Puerto Rican was lying about her new figure?
  • Adamari has impressed her fans with her incredible physical change.

Adamari López underwent gastric balloon surgery. The most beloved host among Hispanics, Adamari López, has impressed her fans in recent months with the incredible physical change that she has achieved through effort and dedication. This has generated a great deal of controversy, since many think her weight loss isn’t solely due to working out.

Popular show Gossip no like, hosted by Argentine journalists, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, revealed the Puerto Rican star’s weight-loss secret. The hosts declared that she has been lying to her followers about how she came to have that body.

Olga Tañón says that Adamari López underwent gastric balloon surgery

Olga Tañón assures that Adamari López underwent gastric balloon surgery

It should be remembered that since her breakup Adamari López’s figure has gone through some major changes. She often shares videos of her exercise routines on Instagram stories, saying that’s how she’s gotten into such great shape. But apparently, that’s not all she’s had to do to maintain her great body.

On Gossip No Like, Ada’s friend, Olga Tañón appears to be throwing her under the bus. She says that López underwent surgery to lose weight. According to Olga, the host of Hoy Día lost weight thanks to gastric balloon surgery.

Is it true that Adamari López had the gastric balloon surgery?

Is it true that Adamari López had the gastric balloon performed?

Puerto Rican host Adamari López was hired by Oprah Winfrey as an ambassador for her program because of her impressive weight loss. During her appearance, the Puerto Rican stated that her new figure was due to her disciplined exercise regimen and the strict diet she has been on since her separation from Toni Costa.

However, hosts Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain said that she was lying to all the people who want to achieve her results. They even relied on Olga Tañón to verify her statements in which they claimed that the López was lying.

There could be serious consequences if Adamari López had gastric balloon surgery

There could be serious consequences if Adamari López had the gastric balloon performed

Tañón was speaking in a video clip about a friend who gained weight when the gastric balloon procedure was done and at that time she said that her friend had the same surgery. This, without a doubt, if it can be verified, could have serious consequences for Ada.

«This could have serious consequences for the host, because now #OprahWinfrey could remove her from her brand and perhaps even sue her. Don’t fool your audience anymore!” You can read in the Gossip No Like post where they accuse the star of deceiving her audience.

«That was presumed because she has lost too much weight»

"That was presumed because he has lost too much weight"

Several users reacted by sharing comments on the program’s social media post.
“One thing is rumors and another to look for evidence to harm others, I do not understand them, they are journalists or what.»
«That is why it is always good to tell the truth in the end someone throws you under the bus.»
«That was presumed because she has lost too much weight.»
«Time always proves him right, I had no doubt no one losses so much weight if it is not with surgery, and even less a person who has been fighting their weight for years as Adamari has, only she believes her lie.”

Adamari López attacked for allegedly undergoing gastric balloon surgery

They attack Adamari López for allegedly undergoing gastric balloon surgery

Ada’s transformation has given people a lot to talk about since she underwent such a drastic change in such a short time. Many doubted that it was only because of her exercise routine. Every day you can see a video of her on social media where the beloved Puerto Rican host is training hard to maintain her figure.

“You are right Elisa, the point is not surgery, you spend your money on whatever you want. That’s what it works for. The serious point is to lie to people who admire her and give false promotion with false expectations.”
“Well, let them take her out, but do not deceive her public, although we all know that she had the gastric balloon surgery,” the messages continued. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

Adamari involves her followers in her daily life

Adamari turns on social networks
Photo: Instagram

The Puerto Rican host shares what happens to her, her triumphs and her failures with her followers on social media. A few days ago we saw an Instagram post she shared posing with her new dance partner. He looked very happy.

The beautiful television host has received many gestures of love from those who admire her, as many know the history and the complicated things in her life thanks to the fact that she shares so much of her life on Instagram. Filed Under: Adamari López Gastric Balloon

The Puerto Rican host burst into tears on social media

Photo: TikTok

After posting a video where we see her crying, Ada shocked many fans.  To them, ‘La chaparrita de oro’ does not deserve to be hurt even in the least. However people who do not like her left comments like, «What a clown». Her video was attacked by many and defended by others.

They didn’t realize that it was just another one of her jokes, like so many other videos that she has shared. Adamari loves to enjoy the moment and now more than ever, because she is so fulfilled and happy . Filed Under: Adamari López Gastric Balloon

The Puerto Rican host appears in a pink bathing suit

The pretty driver posed for a magazine cover
Photo: Instagram

The beautiful host revealed the identity of the man who will accompany her this Sunday on Instagram. It is the 24-year-old Chilean dancer Julio Allendes, who became known in the program «Rojo TV» in his native country.

He stood out for his talent in different dance competitions. Many question whether or not they could have a spark. Then the beautiful Hispanic woman posed for the cover of ‘Hola’ in a fuchsia pink swimsuit that highlights the color of her eyes. Filed Under: Adamari López Gastric Balloon


PHOTO Instagram

Soaked and with looking super sensual, Ada posed for the magazine’s cameras showing her new look. Adamari López showed off the new figure she has achieved at age 50 during her photo shoot for the recent digital cover of the magazine Hello USA. The presenter shared behind-the-scenes videos of the process it took to take each of the shots, from makeup to the final result on social media.

She posed for the cameras in a one shoulder fuchsia pink swimsuit, with draping on the front and a high-cut legs. Without a doubt, the beautiful television presenter’s weight loss is very noticeable. Filed Under: Adamari López Gastric Balloon

More beautiful and daring than EVER

More beautiful and daring than EVER
Photo: Instagram

Posing before the cameras that captured her unique beauty, she appeared with super warm and natural makeup, with her hair down, parted in the middle and last but not least, under a shower that makes her look completely soaked and seductive.

In another video, she showed other outfits she wore for the shoot, including a bright white mini dress with spaghetti straps, a black bodysuit with white dots, and a red blazer that she wore for the no pants trend. There is no doubt that the beautiful Ada is showing more and more self-confidence. Filed Under: Adamari López Gastric Balloon


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