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Father Adam Kotas resurfaces in a reckless video and is told that’s why he was laicized

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Adam Kotas responds to being laicized (Photos: Shutterstock/Instagram)
  • Former priest Adam Kotas responds to the Church.
  • Some of his followers defend him.
  • What did he say?

Former priest Adam Kotas has resurfaced on social media and is being criticized by his followers.

It’s worth noting that for several days now, he has been in the midst of controversy due to issues with the Catholic Church.

Kotas has shared a video on social media that some say is reckless.

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Former priest Adam Kotas is laicized by the Catholic Church

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

The Archdiocese of Las Vegas stated in a letter that Pope Francis had authorized Adam Kotas’ laicization.

«The Archdiocese of Las Vegas has received notification from the Diocese of Santa Rosa in California of the involuntary laicization of Mr. Adam Kotas,» it reads.

The statement stresses that this action was not voluntary.

«This process was handled through the Diocese of Santa Rosa, where Mr. Kotas was incardinated as a priest,» the letter continues.

Did he leave the Catholic Church?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

On March 1, the Archdiocese of Las Vegas issued a statement specifying that the Diocese of Santa Rosa notified them about the involuntary laicization of Mr. Adam Kotas.

The Diocese of Santa Rosa managed the change in Kotas’ religious status, highlighting the cooperation between the two dioceses.

The inclusion of this information by the Archdiocese of Las Vegas suggests transparency in handling cases related to the clergy.

Furthermore, it implies careful attention to decisions made by other ecclesiastical institutions.

Adam Kotas responds to being laicized

video, reckless, Diocese of Santa Rosa, Archdiocese of Las Vegas, mundonow
PHOTO: Shutterstock

«I was given money back then to shut my mouth because I needed money for my psychological therapy,» revealed the former priest.

«They gave me money and made me sign a paper, and they threatened me,» he said on social media.

Adam Kotas stated that the Archdiocese of Las Vegas and the Catholic Church threatened to strip him of his priesthood — however, he argues that they cannot do so.

Adam Kotas even asserted, «Nobody, not even the pope himself, can take away my priesthood because priesthood comes from God.»

He lashes out on social media

adam kotas, laicized, former priest, religion
PHOTO: Instagram

The Instagram account @risoterapiadamkotas shared a video of Adam Kotas that sparked a heated discussion.

«You know, ‘chaca chaca’ or sex in marriage is like Coca-Cola, it starts regular, then it’s light, and ends up with zero,» he said.

He then proceeded to make another joke: «What do you call a coffee that just got out of jail? Espresso.»

With his typical humor, he ended the video, prompting a wave of comments criticizing his words.

Social media users aren’t amused

adam kotas, laicized, catholic church, video
PHOTO: Instagram

«That’s why they kicked him out of the church for being a troublemaker,» one person commented.

«Father, where do you get those jokes from?» «That’s why they punish him,» others added.

However, some defended him: «He’s a human being and he’s not dead, he has the right to free expression.»

«He’s the best Father in history, I wish everyone was like him.» See the full video where Adam Kotas responds to being laicized HERE.

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