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Kristina Lilley, of ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, reveals that she has cancer for the 3rd time (VIDEO)

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  • The Colombian actress has bad news about her health.
  • Kristina Lilley reveals she has cancer again.
  • The 59-year-old actress has gone through difficult health issues.

Kristina Lilley has cancer. The Colombian actress, who became famous for multiple roles on telenovelas such as Pasión de Gavilanes, Dame Chocolate, and La mujer en el espejo, spoke seriously with her fans on the night of November 29, as she shared difficult news.

The 59-year-old actress shared a video on her official Instagram account, where she revealed that cancer is haunting her again. According to People en Español, she had already been diagnosed with the disease two times before. Now she is facing it again.

Kristina Lilley reveals her cancer diagnosis to fans

Kristina Lilley has cancer
PHOTO: Instagram

The actress from the popular soap opera Pasión de Gavilanes announced Tuesday on her Instagram account that her breast cancer has returned. However, she communicated it in the calmest way and without scaring her fans too much.

“Two months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer again,” she began. «I am very well, I am very calm, I am not going to read comments, I am not going to answer opinions. I just wanted to tell you,» said Kristina Lilley. Filed Under: Kristina Lilley Has Cancer

What cancer has taught her

Kristina Lilley has cancer
PHOTO: Getty Images

The 59-year-old Colombian actress revealed that she is very aware that this stage in her life is about learning and that she, as women, accepts herself and that everything depends on how people take care of their emotions.

«From this I learn that we are neither strong nor warriors, we are women who accept our vulnerability, we accept our emotions and that is what makes me strong,» she said. “I also learn that it is important to do the self-exam, take care of yourself and be aware of yourself,” she said according to People en Español. Filed Under: Kristina Lilley Has Cancer

Kristina Lilley’s reaction to being diagnosed with cancer

PHOTO: Instagram

A few years ago, Kristina Lilley said that when she was first diagnosed with cancer, she freaked out, which is quite understandable. However, she stated that she took the strength she needed for the good of her family, as she would not be defeated.

“Fortunately it was early, it was in an in situ stage, which means that it is not metastasizing anywhere. It was very difficult because I was very scared and then I decided that I was going to get ahead and that I was going to recover. And I took strength from my daughter, my mother, my other daughter, my pets, my closest friends and I overcame it,” she told the Colombian television show Bravíssimo. Filed Under: Kristina Lilley Has Cancer

The tough battles she has faced

PHOTO: Instagram

According to Mag., the first time doctors diagnosed the soap villain’s cancer was in 2010. The outlet said it was cervical cancer. However, it was revealed that the process to recover was not that painful.

The second time cancer knocked on her door was 2013, but this time it was breast cancer. That time the Colombian actress underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Not many statements have yet been made in this regard, only what she revealed yesterday. We hope for her speedy recovery. Filed Under: Kristina Lilley Has Cancer

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