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Hispanic actress Antonieta Colón dies at 86 years of age

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Actress Antonieta Colón dies (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Death of the renowned actress Antonieta Colón.
  • Multifaceted career in art.
  • Fly wherever you want. See you forever.

During the course of this Saturday, April 20th, a sad piece of news was confirmed for the entertainment world.

At the age of 86, the renowned Hispanic actress Antonieta Colón passed away, also known as La Cobra.

It was the journalist Simón Villamizar who, through his social media channels, shared this sensitive information.

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Who was The Cobra?

Santa Teresa del Tuy, nurse, theater, cinema, MundoNOW
Hispanic actress Antonieta Colón dies at 86 years of age / Instagram capture

Antonieta Colón was born on January 7, 1938, in Santa Teresa del Tuy, Venezuela, as reported by the Doblaje Fandom portal.

Before embarking on her acting career, she worked as a nurse. With her earnings, she paid for her acting classes.

She made her debut at the age of 25. Additionally, she was able to study in France, Poland, Italy, and Spain thanks to a student scholarship.

Upon her return to her homeland, she became a leader of the social movement África, which advocated for Afro-descendants living in Venezuela.

Antonieta Colón, a waste of talent

Antonieta Colón, singer, announcer, dancer, dies, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram screenshot

On another note, Antonieta Colón was a distinguished opera singer, as well as a dancer and broadcaster.

Apart from her involvement in many Venezuelan films, she was also a writer, poet, shaman, and midwife.

She retired from the artistic scene in 2018 due to a stroke. She could no longer speak or move.

«She retains full awareness of the reality surrounding her, but has lost the ability to articulate her thoughts to communicate with her family.»

Countless recognitions

Living Cultural Heritage, Caracas, Honorary Teacher, National Experimental University of the Arts, MundoNOW
Hispanic actress Antonieta Colón dies at 86 years of age / Instagram capture

According to information from the Meridiano portal, Antonieta Colón participated in soap operas such as «Las dos Dianas,» «Paraíso,» and «Piel,» among others.

In 2007, she was named a Living Cultural Heritage of Caracas in Venezuela.

Furthermore, she was honored with the title of Honorary Master by the National Experimental University of the Arts.

Also, in 2013, the Antonieta Colón Cultural Center opened its doors in the Central Park of Caracas.

They report on the death of Antonieta Colón

Simón Villamizar, journalist, social networks, Twitter, MundoNOW
Hispanic actress Antonieta Colón dies at 86 years of age / Instagram capture

As mentioned earlier, it was the journalist Simón Villamizar who announced the passing of Antonieta Colón.

Through his X (formerly Twitter) account, he expressed it as follows: «Venezuelan actress Antonieta Colón… passed away today.»

He also shared that La Cobra, as her friends called her, participated in the films «El rebaño de ángeles» and «Disparen a matar.»

It didn’t take long for social media users to express their condolences after the unfortunate loss. The cause of her death was not disclosed.

«Fly wherever you want»

Antonieta Colón, Horacio Peterson, Levy Rossell, Rajatabla, MundoNOW dies
PHOTO: Instagram screenshot

One of the first personalities to react to this news was also the actress of film, theater, and TV, María Alejandra Tellis.

«All black actresses owe you the artistic path that you, along with other heroic actresses like you, cleared with a lot of hard work and sacrifice,» she expressed.

According to information from the Noticias al día portal, the artist was a disciple of Horacio Peterson and was part of Arte de Venezuela and Rajatabla.

With the Rajatabla scenic collective, she performed in Spain and Poland, as well as in France, where she lived for approximately 10 years.

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