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5 reggaeton hits in 2023

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5 reggaeton hits in 2023 / Mezcalent
  • The Best Reggaeton Hits in 2023
  • Who were the best Hispanic artists?
  • We present the top 5 for your playlist.

Here, we present the best reggaeton songs that have been a great success in 2023, so you can create your ultimate playlist and enjoy the music.

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Sergeant Cornejo, Carlos Cornejo, police, Colorado, MundoNOW

1.- Classy 101

Reggaeton hits, reggaeton 2023, Feid, MundoNOW, LatinBest
Reggaeton Hits 2023/PHOTO: Mezcalent

Urban music was created in Puerto Rico, and for over two decades, it has become a key genre in global music.

Here, we bring you a top 5 of the most listened to reggaeton songs this year, including songs like:

Classy 101, the song by Young Miko and Feid, which has been a major success and talks about carnal desire, just as the lyrics say in the song.

The 24-year-old trap artist Young Miko released Classy 101 on March 30, 2023, in collaboration with singer Feid.

2.- El Tonto

reggaeton 2023, urban music, Quevedo, reggaeton, LatinBest
Reggaeton Hits 2023/PHOTO: Getty Images

Continuing with the list, we have Lola Índigo and Quevedo, two of today’s top artists who have taken the music world by storm with their first collaboration, El Tonto.

El Tonto is a song about heartbreak, recorded in the dunes of Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. Let’s review the story behind the song and its lyrics.

This song tells a story of heartbreak and female empowerment. It even includes a reference to Lola’s song «La niña de la escuela.»

In the music video, directed by Willy Rodríguez, Lola Índigo and Quevedo are shown with their dancers in a desert, ready for battle.

3.- Qlona

Karol G, Peso Pluma, Qlona, ​​MundoNOW, LatinBest
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Next on the list is the hit «Qlona» by Karol G, her first collaboration with Peso Pluma, which tops Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart.

This song leads the multi-metric ranking driven by streaming activity.

During the tracking week ending August 24, it registered 12.6 million official on-demand streams in the United States, according to Luminate.

Mexican singer Peso Pluma secures his second No. 1 after the 19-week run of «Ella baila sola» with Eslabón Armado.

4.- Vagabundo

Vagabundo, Beéle, MundoNOW, LatinBest, urban music
PHOTO: Mezcalent

We add a song by artist Beéle to this list, who achieved a milestone in his career in recent weeks by getting his first No. 1 on a Billboard chart with «Vagabundo.»

«Vagabundo» is a collaboration with Sebastián Yatra and Manuel Turizo, who have dominated reggaeton this year.

This song gives 20-year-old Beéle his first No. 1 in his third appearance on Latin Airplay.

Yatra, on the other hand, achieves his eleventh No. 1 on Latin Airplay.

5.- Holanda

Holanda, Jhayco, Puerto Rican rag picker, MundoNOW, LatinBest
PHOTO: Getty Images

To conclude this top 5, we couldn’t leave out Puerto Rican trap artist Jhayco, who has amazed his fans with the new song produced this year, according to Deezer‘s portal.

Now it’s time for «Holanda,» a song produced by Fino Como El Haze that takes us directly into the artist’s own world.

This song has become one of the favorites among Hispanics, as it talks about a girl so «fair» that she seems to be from Holland and has completely conquered him.

The song is accompanied by a music video in which Jhayco becomes a bat and lives in his own Gotham, inspired by the story of DC Comics superhero Batman.

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