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In Puerto Rico one person is diagnosed with HIV every day

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Puerto Rico: Una persona diariamente es diagnosticada con VIH
HIV in Puerto Rico (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • HIV in Puerto Rico: Residents are encouraged to get tested.
  • Rates are increasing in the territory.
  • Updated figures are concerning.

In Puerto Rico one person is diagnosed with HIV every day, according to a special report from EFE. The Puerto Rico Department of Health is urging citizens to get tested for HIV.

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Puerto Rico officials ask citizens to get tested for HIV

Authorities, HIV test, condom, protection, STD

The Secretary of the Department of Health of Puerto Rico, Carlos Mellado urged Puerto Ricans to get tested for HIV.

The purpose of the initiative is to make sure that they have not been infected with the virus by having unprotected sex.

“HIV has no symptoms and the only way to know is to get tested,” Mellado said in a press release.

The statistics of new HIV cases have increased significantly in recent months in the country.

The danger of unprotected sex

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According to HIV/AIDS Surveillance statistics, people having sex without using condoms is the main concern on the island.

Four out of five people diagnosed with HIV told health authorities that they had unprotected sex.

“Unprotected sex is the main mode of transmission on the island,” said Carlos Mellado.

“HIV does not discriminate by person, type of relationship or age,” Mellado pointed out.

HIV statistics in Puerto Rico

HIV, statistics, HANDS JOINED, red ribbon, MundoNOW

The Puerto Rico Department of Health announced that 16,530 residents are living with an HIV diagnosis.

The data reflects that 9% of people are living with HIV and are unaware of it.

The majority are men (71%), people age 55 and older (51%) and men who have sex with men (31%).

Meanwhile 23% are heterosexual women.

New cases on the rise

Puerto Rico, flag, island, country, Latin America

Around 1,700 Puerto Rican citizens live with HIV in Puerto Rico without knowing that they have been infected with the virus.

Recently, the Department of Health launched the Love Without Fear campaign.

The campaign promotes awareness about HIV, removing stigmas associated with the disease.

Health authorities recommend using condoms to prevent infection.

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