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Thousands in the US will receive $1,000 in direct payments

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  • Find out how you can receive a direct payment.
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  • A new program will provide support to thousands of people.

As usual, many states are sending out stimulus funds to their residents each month. Direct payments will go out thousands of lucky people this year. Philadelphia is introducing a guaranteed income program for its residents but you must meet certain requirements to qualify for it.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health aims to launch the pilot in early 2024. Under the program known as Philly Joy Bank, $3 million has been raised from the William Penn Foundation and Spring Point Partners.

Direct payments in Philadelphia

How does it help citizens?
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According to NBC 10, the goal is to raise another $6 million before the launch of the program, which is scheduled for early 2024. The program is targeted to pregnant mothers.

Participants will receive $1,000 in monthly payments for a total of 18 months. In addition, the guaranteed income pilot program is a partnership between the health department and the Community Action Network of Philadelphia (CAN).

What does Philly Joy Bank entail?

How to be selected?
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This program is targeted to pregnant women in Cobbs Creek, Strawberry Mansion and Nicetown-Tioga, which have the highest rates of low birth weight. Two hundred and fifty people will be selected for this guaranteed income program.

Interested participants will be offered financial advice, lactation support and doulas. Stacey Kallem, director of the health department’s division of maternal, child and family health, announced the pilot program at town hall Monday.

Mothers and babies will benefit

Thousands in the US will receive payments: Mothers will benefit

“We are looking to raise a total of $6 million, so this is our call to potential donors looking to support our pregnant people and their babies,” Kallem said. Expectant mothers’ income must be less than $100,000 per year to be eligible.

The Sun contacted the Philly CAN to see if the program can run without the full $6 million in funding. In addition to Philadelphia’s guaranteed income, a new plan could give needy Americans $500 in monthly payments.

Another state offering financial support

Thousands in the US will receive payments: Another lucky state
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In Maryland, legislation has been introduced in hopes of launching a guaranteed income pilot program. The program would be funded in part by $2 million that has already been raised by the non-profit organization Greater Washington Community Foundation.

The initial program in the city awarded eligible residents $500 per month for two years through February 2021 and included 125 recipients. Also, applicants’ annual income must be less than $46,034. Meanwhile, another guaranteed income program could be launched for New York residents.

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