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Rodner Figueroa scores a new success after being fired from Telemundo!

The US prepares to end Title 42 and the expulsion of asylum seekers

Luciano Catarino Díaz urinated in his co-workers’ beverages, passing on his STD

Ana Patricia Gámez reunites with Francisca on ‘Despierta América’ (VIDEO)

Attention! US will continue to expel immigrants who cross the border illegally

Chronicle: Man crashed is ex-girlfriend’s party with a gun

Video of the alleged Walmart shooter just before the massacre appears

Georgia Supreme Court reinstates 6-week abortion ban

Will President Joe Biden run for re-election in 2024?

Andrés García’s wife asks for prayers for his health

Elsa Quintero Barriga was shot to death during a home robbery

7 confirmed dead after shooting at a Walmart in Virginia

Adamari López shares a surprising message after layoffs at Telemundo

Shooting outside a mall in Washington state leaves at least 2 dead

8 killed in small plane crash in Medellín, Colombia

The Supreme Court rules Donald Trump must turn over his tax returns to Congress

A young woman is crushed to death after falling into a potato chipper

Chronicle: MundoNow successfully concludes humanitarian work

Shooting outside Dunkin’ Donuts in broad daylight leaves one dead

Kassandra Aguayo is accused of murdering her boyfriend Ramón Flores

SUV crashes into Apple store leaving one dead and 16 injured

Scientists discover the closest black hole to Earth and it is more massive than the sun (VIDEO)

At least 5 migrants are dead and 5 are missing after boat capsized near Florida

Chilling details of Colorado gay club shooting revealed

Arizona father shoots his children and then kills himself

Could the 14th Amendment bar Donald Trump from running for president again?

Accused murderer Greg Montelongo could get the death penalty

David Sumney, who killed his mother and took selfies with her corpse, sentenced to 20 years

Did she overshadow Tiffany Trump? President Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi got married at the White House on Saturday

Joe Biden becomes the oldest president in US history

Elon Musk restores Donald Trump’s Twitter account

Special counsel to lead Trump probes of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago and Jan. 6

Popocatépetl volcano is activated and authorities report an eruption and an earthquake

Once again, Pablo Lyle’s sentencing hearing is postponed

Democrat Karen Bass makes history by becoming the first female Los Angeles mayor

Ivanka Trump announces she’s staying out of politics