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Who was Frank Suárez, the creator of NaturalSlim?

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Frank Suárez, NaturalSlim, Puerto Rico, mundonow, Who was Frank Suárez
Archive Photo: MundoNOW
  • Frank Suárez died under mysterious circumstances.
  • His cause of death is unknown.
  • It appears he died by suicide.

Francisco Antonio Suárez, widely known as Frank Suárez was a well-known weight loss guru who tragically passed away in 2021.

The author of books such as Diabetes sin Problemas and El Poder del Metabolismo, also had a successful YouTube channel. The circumstances of Frank Suárez’s death raises questions.

According to the police report, Suárez was found at the Parque de Loyola condominium in Puerto Rico.

After conducting a thorough investigation, the authorities concluded that the author and entrepreneur had taken his own life.

Who was Frank Suárez?

The strange case of Frank, Frank Suárez, NaturalSlim, Puerto Rico, mundonow
PHOTO: Shutterstock Who was Frank Suárez?

Frank Suarez, the founder of NaturalSlim, was a Puerto Rican entrepreneur who specialized in metabolic research.

His focus was on investigating the underlying causes of obesity and providing solutions to assist people.

This business stemmed from his personal struggles with weight loss and the challenges he faced due to obesity-related bullying.

Throughout his adult life, he experimented with various diets to lose weight.

Did he experiment with his own body?

Did he experiment with his body?
PHOTO: Shutterstock – Who was Frank Suárez?

Suárez experimented with his own body, trying various supplements and natural herbs to lose weight.

Gradually, he successfully shed 40 pounds and saw improvements in his lab results, particularly concerning triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

Utilizing the insights gained from these experiences, he compiled his findings into a comprehensive summary, aiming to assist others facing similar challenges.

He also established a company called Natural Slim, which is dedicated to aiding individuals in overcoming obesity. The company’s motto: The weight that was gone forever,  reflects his dedication to providing lasting solutions.

How did Frank Suárez die?

Who was Frank Suárez
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Frank Suárez promoted natural remedies, viewing the body as a primary antidote and cure for various illnesses.

The Director of the Homicide Division stated that Suárez had been suffering from depression and was taking antidepressants.

Certain fans of this prominent expert argue that his death was not a suicide and that Dr. Frank was murdered.

Police expressed uncertainty regarding whether the Forensic Sciences Bureau had released his body to his family.

He suffered from depression

Who was Frank Suárez, the creator of NaturalSlim?
PHOTO: Getty Images

Suárez’s wife revealed that her husband had been undergoing treatment for depression for almost a year.

A few months prior, he had ceased taking his medication and he was going through a particularly challenging period.

The founder and visionary behind NaturalSlim endeared himself to thousands of people he helped to lose weight.

Furthermore, he helped in managing severe health issues, which is why his sudden death was so shocking for so many.

Questions about his death persist

Did he appear in front of his public?, Frank Suárez, NaturalSlim, Puerto Rico, mundonow
PHOTO: Shutterstock

To this day, the question persists: How did Frank Suárez die? Many can’t believe he took his own life.

Despite the lack of concrete knowledge about the circumstances surrounding his passing, it’s apparent there were underlying issues, as suggested by his wife’s statements.

On social media, his followers expressed skepticism over this explanation, finding it hard to believe, and pushing for a thorough investigation.

Dr. Suárez authored five books, selling over five million copies, and created around 1,600 educational videos.

Many question whether Dr. Frank’s death was a suicide

Committed suicide, Frank Suárez, NaturalSlim, Puerto Rico, mundonow
PHOTO: Getty Images

In numerous videos, Dr. Frank was highly critical of major pharmaceutical companies for profiting from patients’ illness.

Ultimately, Puerto Rican authorities concluded that Frank Suárez had taken his own life.

Yet, his fans insisted on social media that this explanation seemed implausible, demanding a more thorough investigation.

The death of Frank Suárez, the visionary behind NaturalSlim, will forever remain shrouded in mystery.


PHOTO: MundoNow

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