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Who is La Bronca’s husband?

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Who is La Bronca's husband? (PHOTO: Mezcalent / Instagram La Bronca)
  • Who is La Bronca’s husband?
  • Surprising nominations on La Casa de los Famosos.
  • La Bronca was criticized by Alfredo Adame.

It was an emotional evening on Thursday during the nomination gala on La Casa de los Famosos, a popular reality show on Telemundo.

Radio host Sylvia del Valle received 18 points from her peers, surprising the audience.

She was followed by Robbie Mora with 10, La Divaza with seven, Ariadna Gutiérrez with six, and La Bebeshita also with six points.

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Photo: MundoNOW

One of the people who nominated La Bronca for eviction from La Casa de los Famosos was the controversial actor and host Alfredo Adame.

«I feel like she hasn’t integrated and she’s having a really tough time in the house,» said Adame, who has sparked plenty of discussion on the show.

On the other hand, few know that Sylvia del Valle is married, and even fewer know she is the mother of a boy named Luca.

Here’s more information about Assi Luskey, La Bronca’s husband, who keeps a low profile.

Who is La Bronca’s husband?

trip, birthday, Paris, France, MundoNOW, La Bronca husband
Photo: Instagram La Bronca

Through her official Instagram account, where she has over a million followers, La Bronca has shared several photos with her husband.

In one of them, we learned that Assi Luskey celebrated his birthday on November 15.

«Happy birthday to my very Best Friend and soulmate,» wrote Sylvia del Valle to accompany the video, which has over 15,000 likes.

The happy couple celebrated this special date in style in Paris, France, with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

La Bronca and Assi Luskey’s love story

La Bronca husband, bride and groom, wedding, marriage, MundoNOW
Photo: Instagram La Bronca

In an interview with Univisión, quoted by El Comercio, La Bronca shared how she met her husband.

She recalled that on one occasion, Assi Luskey approached her and confidently told her that she was the woman he would spend the rest of his life with.

At that moment, Sylvia del Valle thought he was crazy, without imagining that years later they would have a beautiful family.

It’s unclear what Assi Luskey’s profession is.

They were married in France

relationship, courtship, couple, love, MundoNOW
Who is La Bronca’s husband? / Photo: Instagram La Bronca

After 11 years together, and with their six-year-old son, La Bronca married Assi Luskey in Paris, France in July 2022.

It is worth noting that originally, they were going to get married in July 2020, but the COVID pandemic changed their plans.

Affectionately, the radio host calls her husband ‘El Ojitos’ because of his light eyes.

In another video shared by Sylvia, Assi can be seen playing the piano like a professional.

La Bronca’s husband is very private

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Photo: Instagram La Bronca

According to El Comercio, La Bronca’s husband is very private.

If it weren’t for the radio host posting photos and videos with him on her social media, little would be known about his private life.

There is an account in his name on X where he only uploaded one photo where he is kissing his wife.

«But first, let me take a selfie,» he wrote on April 4, 2014.

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