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What Does it All Mean For Cusp Signs?

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Most people know their zodiac sign but there’s often a lot of confusion about cusp signs. Your sun sign is based on the Earth’s location in relation to the sun at the time and place of your birth. If you have precise info about where and when you were born, it’s possible to chart precisely where the sun was. That means everyone has only one sun sign — even those born on the zodiac cusp.

Like all things astrology, there are a few different interpretations of exactly what being born on the cusp means. Some say it only applies to those born at the exact moment the sun is transitioning from one sign to the next. However, most astrologers favor the theory that cusp signs apply to those born just before or after the transition from one sun sign to the next. 

Peak Sign Days


For instance, the last day of Gemini is June 20 and the first day of Cancer is July 21; the Gemini/Cancer cusp is June 17-23. If you were born on June 20, you’re a Gemini but you are also on the cusp, so your horoscope is also influenced by Cancer. The effect is stronger during the last days of the sign, so Geminis will be more influenced by Cancer than Cancers will be by Gemini at the beginning of their sign.

Just like the twelve zodiac signs, there are also twelve zodiac cusp signs and each cusp has its own particular energy. That’s astrology! Just when you think you’ve got the basics down, you uncover another layer. These are the cusp dates and meanings according to These dates are approximate since they change slightly from year to year. If you want to delve more deeply into your sign, you can get a free online chart from sites like

Tentative dates

A sign made up of stars

Capricorn / Aquarius (January 16-22) • The pinnacle of mystery and imagination
Aquarius / Pisces (February 15-21) • The peak of sensitivity
Pisces / Aries (March 17-23) • The Peak of Rebirth
Taurus / Gemini (May 17-23) • The Peak of Energy
Gemini / Cancer (June 17-23) • The pinnacle of magic
Cancer / Leo (July 19-25) • The cusp of the oscillation
Leo / Virgo (August 19-25) • The Peak of Revelation
Virgo / Libra (September 19-25) • The pinnacle of beauty
Libra / Scorpio (October 19-25) • The Peak of Drama and Criticism
Scorpio / Sagittarius (November 18-24) • The Peak of the Revolution
Sagittarius / Capricorn (December 18-24) • The Peak of Prophecy

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