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Registration deadlines: 30 days before Election Day is a crucial deadline in election preparation, marking various important milestones for voter registration, absentee ballot requests, and early voting arrangements.

Where do I vote?

How can I vote?

By Mail: In Tennessee, voting by mail requires an excuse. Qualifying reasons include being outside the county during the early voting period and on Election Day, full-time students and spouses studying outside their county, voters over 60, those with physical disabilities, and military members overseas. Applications for absentee ballots must be submitted via mail, email, or fax to the county election commission office at least 7 days before Election Day. Completed absentee ballots must be returned by mail and received by the closing of the polls on Election Day. First-time voters in their county must ultimately vote in person, unless on the permanent absentee voting list or part of the address confidentiality program.

Early In-Person: All registered voters in Tennessee can vote early in person, typically starting 20 days before an election and ending 5 days before.

Election Day: Polling place opening times vary by county, with all polls closing at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central Standard Time. Voters in line by closing time have the right to vote.

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