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Who was Viviana, the deceased sister of soccer player Sebastian Lletget?

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Viviana hermana Sebastian Lletget
  • We remember the sister of soccer player Sebastian Lletget.
  • The young woman lost her life at 36.
  • Who was Viviana Lletget?

One of the best soccer players in the United States, Sebastian Lletget, fondly remembers his sister who passed away a year ago. Viviana Lletget was deeply loved by the American soccer player who hasn’t forgotten her.

The news of her death shocked everyone in his family, including his girlfriend, the renowned singer Becky G, who also took to social media to give her a last goodbye. A few weeks ago, the soccer player shared an image of Viviana because it was her birthday.

Who is Sebastian Lletget’s sister Viviana?

Who is Viviana the sister of Sebastian Lletget?


“Today is your 37th birthday. It hasn’t even been a year since you’ve been gone. If I’m honest I’ve been dreading this day. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to call you to remind you how special you are, or wishing you the best for your future. Grief is wild journey. I love you so much. Every time I look up at the sky, I’m thinking about you V,” he wrote on the Instagram post.

The news of her death was released through his Instagram account where Lletget shared a sad black and white image of his deceased sister Viviana Lletget and him enjoying a pleasant moment they spent as a family when she was alive. He even left an emotional farewell message.

Viviana sister Sebastian Lletget died at 36

Viviana sister Sebastian Lletget: Died at the age of 36


There is no greater pain than the loss of a very close loved one.Becky G’s boyfriend suffered the tragic death of his beloved sister. The player said goodbye to Viviana on Instagram with an emotional and moving message, where he expressed his feelings.

“The pain we feel as a family has been beyond what we could imagine. Our sister, Viviana, will be forever missed. I am thankful for everyone’s love and support. I’ve appreciated the respect of our privacy at this time while we grieve the loss of someone so special to us. I’m so heartbroken, I miss you so much Vivi,” he wrote on his post. Filed Under: Viviana Sister Sebastian Lletget

Becky G reacts

Becky G reacts


After learning of the death of his sister at the age of 36, Sebastian’s girlfriend, singer and actress Becky G, honored her with a couple of posts on her Instagram stories. She shared a sweet message about her boyfriend’s sister.

“V, the most beautiful soul. You taught me so much, we will always honor you,” she wrote next to a photo of her and Viviana. While in the other post she remembered her with her pet dog, who they spent time with: “The dynamic duo. Never one without the other,” wrote the singer with a beautiful photo. Filed Under: Viviana Sister Sebastian Lletget

Tribute to Viviana Lletget

Tribute to the young


At that time, the athlete played for the Los Angeles Galaxy team, who also paid tribute to Viviana Lletget when she died at the age of 36 in 2021. A screen showed her name to honor the US player.

“LAGalaxy paid a special tribute to Viviana Lletget, sister of Sebastian #Lletget, who passed away a few days ago. The Los Angeles midfielder was moved by the moment,” says the post. Filed Under: Viviana Sister Sebastian Lletget

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