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Actress Vanessa Bauche shares video alleged to be of Israeli children locked in cages

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Vanessa Bauche, actress, war, Israel, Hamas
Actress Vanessa Bauche shares video of Israeli children (Photo: The Associated Press/Mezcalent)
  • Actress Vanessa Bauche shares a controversial video.
  • Misinformation on X about the Hamas terrorist attacks.
  • Debate over authenticity of the video.

Mexican actress Vanessa Bauche regrets sharing a video that claimed to show heartbreaking images of young children victims of the war in Israel.

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On Saturday morning, Hamas executed a series of surprise attacks on Israel.

Initially, at least 22 deaths and hundreds of injuries were reported, but as the hours go by, the number of victims grows.

Likewise, information surrounding the tragic events has begun to spread on social media.

Harsh images of the of the Hamas attacks on the Israeli people are being shared by various social media accounts.

The terrible situation in the Middle East

Video of children in cages in Israel, Children in cages, Israel, Conflict, Actress Vanessa Bauche
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Now a video with heartbreaking images of innocent people has begun to spread on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The video is supposedly of small Israeli children who were kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist group that has been attacking Israel since Saturday, October 7.

The video is accompanied with the description: «Israeli children kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. They are exposed in cages.»

It shows a group of very young children, locked in cages, who look scared and confused.

Actress Vanessa Bauche shared the video

Shocking video, Social networks, Public opinion, Child protection, Actress Vanessa Bauche
PHOTO: Mezcalent

On X, Mexican actress Vanessa Bauche shared the video of the little ones locked in cages, lamenting the incident.

«I can not take this! It surpasses me. Praying for World Peace!” she began her message that accompanied the video.

«Protecting children from human brutality must be a global priority,» she added.

«God have mercy on so many innocent souls,» she concluded, distraught by the situation depicted in the video.

Actress Vanessa Bauche: Debate over the authenticity of the video

Narrative, Authenticity, Syria, Shock, Online Debate
PHOTO: The Associated Press

However, after she shared the video on her official X account, people immediately began to comment.

More than one pointed out that the video does not depict the conflict currently taking place in Israel.

Internet users told Vanessa Bauche that the video was actually an old one that was related to the war in Syria.

The Mexican actress quickly responded to messages and pointed out that the current situation should not be downplayed.

Fighting fake news being spread on X

Mixed opinions, Responsibility when sharing, Terrorism, Falsehood, Disinformation
PHOTO: The Associated Press

«This video does not correspond to this conflict and pushes a false narrative. With all respect, I tell you that we all need to better process the information that comes to us before posting it,» one person commented.

«That video does not belong to that war, but to Syria.» «That video is old, do your research first,» others added.

«Anyway, War is War. Childhood is childhood! And we must protect it. Thanks for correcting. Greetings,» the actress responded to the comments.

«It is still disturbing. And the same reality. Only the location and date change. Thank you,» said the Mexican actress.

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