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What is Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce’s net worth?

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Travis Kelce's net worth (PHOTO: Getty Images)
  • What is Travis Kelce’s net worth?
  • Rumors that he’s engaged to Taylor Swift.
  • A look at his million-dollar contract and prominent sponsors.

Undoubtedly, alongside quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce is one of the most famous players on the Kansas City Chiefs.

For obvious reasons, his relationship with singer Taylor Swift has helped to increase his fame.

With just days until the Super Bowl, the question arises: What is Travis Kelce’s net worth?

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Before delving into Travis Kelce’s net worth, it’s worth mentioning a rumor that has gained strength in recent days.

It is said that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end will propose to Taylor Swift if his team wins the Super Bowl.

There is also doubt whether the singer will make it in time for this game, as she is currently on tour in Japan.

We’ll just have to wait until the end of the Super Bowl to see what happens with the power couple.

Is Travis Kelce worth more than his girlfriend Taylor Swift?

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PHOTO: Getty Images

To find out what Travis Kelce’s net worth is, you just have to visit

This site has become the largest online resource for player and team sports contracts on the internet.

Today, it is a general research tool for team payrolls and player valuations, etc.

They have financial information for players in the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS.

His fortune is simply staggering

Travis Kelce fortune, contract, earnings, salary, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Getty Images

According to Spotrac, Travis Kelce signed a four-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs for $57,250,000.

This includes $22,750,000 guaranteed and an average annual salary of $14,312,500.

This year, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend will earn a base salary of $12,000,000 and a training bonus of $250,000.

His salary cap is $15,463,422 and a maximum dead cap of $5,103,333. Currently, he is 34 years old. How long will his NFL career last?

How much has Travis Kelce earned throughout his career?

investments, sponsorships, business, entrepreneur, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Getty Images

According to the site, Travis Kelce has earned just over $77 million during his time with the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, this does not include what he has earned from investments, sponsorships and other businesses outside of football.

Among his sponsors are brands such as Nike, Papa John’s, LG, McDonald’s and Old Spice.

Thanks to these contracts, the Chiefs’ tight end earns close to $5 million a year.

Travis Kelce’s net worth has increased over the years

profits, net worth, Business Insider, Super Bowl, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Getty Images

Finally, it is worth noting that Travis Kelce has made several investments that have brought him excellent financial gains.

According to Diez, Business Insider said the player’s wealth increased last fall to over $30 million.

If he wins the Super Bowl, as many believe is likely, he and his teammates will earn a bonus of $157,000.

And Taylor Swift? The singer’s income is estimated to be approximately $150 million per year and her fortune is valued at close to $1 billion, according to CBS News.

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