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Thalía’s strange appearance in a new video raises questions

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Thalía revive Marimar
  • Thalía doesn’t look good anymore?
  • The Mexican star raised questions over her strange appearance in a new video.
  • She wanted to transition from every day to a festive look and it didn’t turn out well.

Thalía shared a video where she intended to celebrate the spirit of elegance at Christmas. However, the Mexcian star’s looks provoked criticism when viewers said something strange seemed to be going on with her face. In it, the singer looks a little different from what her followers are used to.

The Instagram account of ‘Chisme no Like’, played a video where Thalía first appears very natural. She’s wearing a black sleeveless top, her hair is loose and she’s got on very little makeup.  Still, something about the way she looked has raised suspicions about whether she’s had some work done.

Thalía’s face shocks fans

Thalía causes astonishment with her face

Instagram: Gossip no Like

She captioned the video, “Me thinking of a more festive look.” In it, she’s smiling at the camera and tousling her hair. Then she makes a radical change into a peculiar Christmas outfit that sparked controversy with viewers.

“Sequins and glitter! Christmas Eve to decorate our hair and have fun.” That’s how she captioned the second look, where she appears in a kind of silver crown with a matching gold blouse. Still, people saw something odd about her face.

Did Thalía plastic surgery or was she using a filter?

Thalia face retouched?

Could it be that Tommy Mottola’s wife is beginning to show her age? It’s no secret to anyone that Thalía loves to use filters to make herself look better but this time her cheeks appear almost swollen.

Since she contracted lyme disease, which is now under control, Thalía must take medication for the rest of her life. Perhaps that has caused her to look a little heavier than before. Her arms and cheeks seem a little larger, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Did she gain weight or did she have work done? Thalia’s face raises questions

Was it operated?

“Me entering the Merry Christmas mode,” can also be read in Thalía’s video where people began to leave comments questioning whether she was using too much filter or if she’d simply had plastic surgery because her face looks rounder than normal. It’s usually quite thin.

“And what goin on with her face?”
“She looks like Olga Briskin.”
“Take her phone off for a while and take a picture of her without zero filter to see the difference.”
“She doesn’t know what to do anymore to make people look at her.”
“She puffed out her cheeks.”
“Swollen from Botox.”
“She has already abused botox.”

Thalía’s face looks puffy and people are criticizing her

The Mexican's face looks strange

Could it be that she just got Botox and that’s why she’s puffy? What did Thalía do to her face? The speculation continued after people watched the video:
“That woman does not know how to live without a lot of filters… she’s afraid of her 50 years of age!”
“She looks like Chiquis Rivera.”

And more people said:
“Ridiculous, every day she looks more like Olga Briskin! hahaha.”
“You are 100% filters, you have gone out of style with so much surgery, remember you are going to be 60! BEHAVE LIKE A LADY”
“Ridiculous old woman, she no longer knows what to do to attract attention.”

She had already been seen sporting a natural look

Thalia face

Thalía paid an unexpected visit to Lili Estefan’s mansion in Miami and the Mexican star, along with her husband Tommy Mottola, recorded their visit with the host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ and her Christmas decorations long before Thanksgiving, which caused the two friends to laugh.

Thalía wore sunglasses, her hair loose and uncombed, a white shirt and a blue sweatshirt, while Lili Estefan was also seen without make-up, wearing leggings and a black blouse. In the video, she shows her surprise and joy at seeing her friends after so long. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THALÍA THAT RAISED SUSPICIONS

Thalía paid a surprise visit to Lili Estefan

Thalía and Lili Estefan from El Gordo y la Flaca

“What a thrill, look where we are… I love you, Tomás, oh, look how good it is… hey I didn’t come to see you,  I came to see your Christmas sh…”, Thalía is heard saying happily at the entrance of Lili Estefan’s residence while Tommy Mottola accompanies her. Lili Estefan was shocked by the visit.

Then, while the host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ acts like a girl on her birthday when she sees her two friends at the door, Thalía asks her to give her a tour of her garden so she can see the elaborate Christmas decorations in Lili Estefan’s big garden.

Thalía and the host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ were excited to see each other again

Lili Estefan host of El Gordo y la Flaca

“Show me your Christmas…”, says Thalía recording Lili Estefan standing next to a giant soldier, while the blonde host says: “I want people to know that I put Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving,” but the Mexican star turns around. : “I put them before you… but come, show me… I love you,” she said.

Lili Estefan runs like a child towards a giant train that was in her huge garden and gets on it playfully while Thalía can’t believe her excitement. However, things got more interesting when Thalía discovers an unexpected gift the host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ had received.

The host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca has a secret love and her friend proved it

Secret Love that of the host of El Gordo y la Flaca

“This is Lili’s office, I’m going to give you the tour because she never does the office tour, explain a little…”, Thalía asks the host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’. You can see a clutter of bags, boxes and dolls everywhere, yet an unexpected ‘secret’ also came to light.

“I love this giant bear, what is that, who sent it to you?” the singer asks the blonde host who evades the question by holding up a blouse that says ‘I give the best hugs’.

A gift gave away the host of El Gordo y la Flaca’s secret

Thalía Lili Estefan El Gordo y la Flaca

“Did he come to kiss you?” asks Thalía when she sees a huge love letter written for Lili Estefan that says: “A letter from a lover”. She insists on knowing who the mystery man is is and warns Lili: “No, I have to approve him, I’m not going to give you any permission if I don’t know him…” The singer said that he was a ‘secret admirer’.

Quickly, people began commenting on the video:
“Very close, but Thalia’s language is very concise and unreasonable.”
“How strange to hear Thalia speaking Spanish.”
“Thalia is very Mexican, that’s how I speak.”
“That’s how a friendship should be.”
“How vulgar is she, I don’t know if she does it to be funny but she sounds super rude.”
“It looks like a winery.”
“Thalia and you really are friends happy thanksgiving.” Filed Under: Thalía Face

Everything the host does is criticized; Thalía was not the only thing that shocked Lili’s fans

Thalía, el Gordo y la Flaca

Lorenzo Luaces Jr, Lili Estefan’s handsome son, leads a very private life. Far from always seeing appearing with his mother, the young man has remained incognito, pursuing activities that have nothing to do with the entertainment world… until now, Well, this weekend the young man was at a huge party, working as a DJ.

Although the above doesn’t concern Lili Estefan, the truth is that Lorenzo Luaces Jr caused controversy with a video shared on the Instagram account of ‘Chisme no like’ where he can be seen hosting a pool party that hundreds of people attended. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THALÍA VISITING LILI ESTEFAN. Some images in this article come from the following video.

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