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Yolanda Andrade sends a powerful message to Verónica Castro

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Speculation about Yolanda Andrade (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Speculation about Yolanda Andrade and Verónica Castro.
  • What is their relationship?
  • A social media post has people talking.

The renowned host Yolanda Andrade once again has people talking now that she’s returned to work after facing health problems.

Her recent message on social media has generated speculation about her relationship with Verónica Castro.

After an absence of more than two weeks from the Montse & Joe shoe, Yolanda Andrade denied rumors about her health.

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Speculation about Yolanda Andrade and Verónica Castro

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Photo: Mezcalo

The revelation by Lorena Meritano, who said that Yolanda is still in contact with Verónica Castro, has fueled speculation about the link between the two stars.

«They still talk… Someone told me out there, a friend of theirs told me: ‘Well yes, they still talk,'» commented the Argentine model.

There are rumors about possible conflicts between the host and Verónica Castro, and the possibility of witchcraft has even been mentioned.

Last year, the actress and singer published an enigmatic message on social media about karma, which many interpreted as a dig at Yolanda.

Controversy on social media about the stars

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Photo: Meznivel

«Karma says: Whoever laughs at you, crying pays it. God says…,» Cristian Castro’s mother said on social media.

To which Yolanda responded: «I’m better, I’m very sorry to tell you the news. Thank you very much for those who thought of me and the good wishes.»

Given this controversy between the two, the renowned host took to her official Instagram account to express herself again.

The short post seems to be directed at Verónica.

Verónica Castro hasn’t responded

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Photo: Instagram / Yolanda Andrade

Yolanda Andrade shared this message in her stories, which has reignited speculation about the relationship between the two.

«You and I know, for now on my part I ask you to reflect,» the Montse & Joe host wrote.

So far, Verónica Castro has not made any statement in this regard.

This leaves many fans and media waiting for more details about this intriguing situation.

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