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Eerie video of sheep walking in a circle for 12 days (VIDEO)

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  • Mysterious video of sheep walking in a circle in China.
  • They were circling for 12 days straight.
  • A sign of the apocalypse?

A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE? People’s superstitions and beliefs are very different around the world. Some people think that mysterious phenomena could actually be an omen that something very bad is about to happen.

Such is the case with an eerie video of an entire flock of sheep that has gotten international media attention because they were walking in circles for 12 straight days. The phenomenon was caught on camera in the Inner Mongolia region of northern China.

Sheep walking in circles causes concern

Sheep walking in circles cause concern
PHOTO Twitter

The People’s Daily newspaper shared a video on Twitter where the flock of sheep can be seen walking in nearly perfect circles. This phenomenon lasted at least twelve days, according to DW.

The strange incident caused a commotion since no one was sure why the sheep were behaving that way. People came up with many theories from illness to a sign of the apocalypse.

What happened to the herd?

What happened to the herd?
PHOTO Twitter

At first there was talk of a disease known as Listeriosis which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, «is a serious infection generally caused by the consumption of food contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes».

However, according to ABC, the sheep are in perfect health, so this theory could be ruled out. Several experts have commented on the strange phenomenon of the sheep turning in circles, coming up with other possible explanations.

“This could lead to stereotypic behavior”

"This could lead to stereotypical behavior"
PHOTO Twitter

Professor and director of the Department of Agriculture of the University of Hartpury, in England, Matt Bell, pointed out that the confinement of the sheep could have caused the phenomenon. «Sheep are penned for long periods, and this could lead to stereotypic behavior, with the repeated circling due to frustration about being in the pen and limited,» he stated according to ABC.

“Then the other sheep join, as they are flock animals, and bond or join their friends,» said the expert about the sheep walking in circles.

Is it a zoochosis?

Is it a symptom?
PHOTO Twitter

Another possible explanation, according to DW, is something known as zoochosis, which can «give rise to repetitive behavior that does not seem to serve any purpose». Apparently, these symptoms could be transmitted between animals.

The owner of the farm said that, at first, there were few sheep that walked in circles, but over time more joined, which would support the theory of Matt Bell and zoochosis. To see the curious video click here.

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