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Soccer player Sergio Jáuregui is murdered at the end of a game

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Sergio Jáuregui murdered, Gun, Man, MundoNow, News
Sergio Jáuregui was murdered (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • Sergio Jáuregui murdered after a game.
  • Aggressor escapes on motorcycle.
  • Football community in mourning.

Mourning in football, the death of a renowned player on the playing field has been confirmed, a fact that has shocked many.

In a shocking tragedy that has shocked the soccer community, Sergio Jáuregui, a former professional soccer player in Mexico’s second division, was shot to death

It is worth mentioning that these terrible events occurred after the conclusion of a friendly match in the municipality of Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico.

Intensive and operational activity took the 28-year-old to an emergency hospital, but, unfortunately, the multiple gunshot wounds resulted in his death minutes before reaching the medical center.

Tragedy in Mexican soccer

Sergio Jáuregui murdered match, football, shooting, mourning, MundoNOW
Soccer player Sergio Jáuregui was murdered after a match PHOTO: Shutterstock

The violent events broke out in the Santa Inés neighborhood, just after the final whistle of the match.

According to reports, a man approached Sergio Jáuregui without saying a word and fired his firearm at least five times.

Quickly and without leaving a trace, the alleged attacker fled the scene aboard a motorcycle, plunging those present into a state of shock and confusion.

The wave of violence in Mexico has been increasing considerably year after year, where reported murders are truly high.

The footballer Sergio Jáuregui was murdered

Sergio Jáuregui, murdered, Morelos, mourning, MundoNOW
Soccer player Sergio Jáuregui was murdered after a match PHOTO: Shutterstock

Eyewitnesses, including those attending the match, fellow footballers and acquaintances of Sergio Jáuregui, reacted promptly to the attack.

They immediately reported the event to the municipal authorities, triggering a search operation to find those responsible.

So far, no suspect has been arrested, leaving the community in heartbreaking uncertainty.

It is worth mentioning that the authorities have said that the corresponding investigations continue to this day.

The career of footballer Sergio Jáuregui

Sergio Jáuregui, footballer, Mexico, mourning, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Sergio Jáuregui defended the colors of the Arroceros de Cuautla, a team from the Mexican Premier League, according to the portal TV Azteca.

This is also known as the second division. He left a legacy on the field that is now tarnished by this tragedy.

It should be mentioned that the murdered soccer player, Jáuregui, debuted as a professional in 2010 with the Arroceros, from the lower divisions of Mexico.

His sudden death has generated a wave of condolences and expressions of solidarity in the sporting field, as well as in society in general.

The wave of violence in Mexico increases

Police, violence, Mexico, mourning, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Jáuregui’s murder, beyond being an individual tragedy, highlights the worrying violence that affects various regions of Mexico.

The impunity surrounding these criminal acts raises questions about the safety of citizens and the ability of authorities to stop the crime and violence in the country.

In the municipality of Cuautla, neighbors and family members of the community expressed their condolences for the murder and demanded that the Morelos authorities clarify the case.

Likewise, through social media, some Mexicans clubs were devastated by the terrible news of the player’s murder.

A good bye to Sergio Jáuregui

Ambulance, tragedy, shooting, Mexico, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

It is worth mentioning that one of his former clubs, Atlético de San Luis Rey, said good bye to Jáuregui in a publication in their social media.

«We regret the death of our former player and captain Sergio Jáuregui, who defended the colors of our team in the last Tournament of the Suns. Our deepest condolences to his entire family.”

“We appreciate how you defended our shield and how you left everything on the field game by game. For this reason, we will always carry you in our shield and heart,» they added.

«Many thanks to the ‘Eternal Captain of Cuautla’. Rest in Peace Friend,» was said on the publication reads. CLICK TO SEE A PHOTO.

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