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Secrets to shopping at Walmart: 10 ways to save at your favorite store

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It’s time to shop at Walmart. This famous chain, which has more than 10,000 branches around the world, sold an impressive amount of products, $555 billion in 2021 in the United States alone! The public’s preference for this supermarket is based on the wide variety of products it offers to its customers, as well as its attractive discounts throughout the year. Find out how to save at your favorite supermarket!

Savings Catcher app

Technology is here to stay and help customers save as much as possible. That’s why Walmart’s current policies include creating an app known as Savings Catcher, which helps customers compare prices and get the best deals. With this app, Walmart allows customers to compare the prices offered by other supermarkets to find a variation in prices. The store grants the difference by means of an electronic gift card.


coupons to buy

The coupon policy is getting stricter at Walmart, but that’s not to say it’s a thing of the past. The store still accepts electronic and printed coupons to get products at special prices. Although the task of printing and clipping coupons can be a bit of a chore for some customers, the reward is usually quite attractive, with more products at a very low price.

Shop in the morning

If you have the time and energy, it’s best to shop in the early hours of the morning, when store shelves are replenished with discounted products or special promotions. Going to your nearest Walmart between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. could lead you to find the lowest prices that are in greatest demand and that are disappearing from the aisles the fastest.

Go for the generic brands!

Woman in supermarket observing what products she is going to buy

To save at Walmart, it is best to buy generic brand products, which in most cases, have been manufactured with a quality similar to that of the most recognized brands. Buying generic brand products, such as bags, disinfectants, clothing, and bathroom items, allows you to achieve a higher return on the budget allocated to purchases at the supermarket.

Visit the clearance aisle to see if there is something you want to buy

Investing time in the supermarket, especially Walmart, means saving money. This is because a walk in the aisles will help you find all the options on sale, many of which are hidden! Scour the aisles of Walmart to find items that have dropped in price dramatically due to seasonal changes or because a newer version has been stocked.

Buy online


Do you want to save? Shop online at Walmart! Not only will you avoid spending money on transportation or items you don’t need, you’ll also be able to access special discounts and on delivery. At Walmart all purchases over $35 dollars have free home delivery. Thus, it becomes one of the most attractive options for users who want to avoid queues and crowds.

Request free samples

The benefits of shopping at Walmart are so many that some customers may find free samples of products that are often very expensive at regular prices, such as diapers or baby care items. If you have a newborn at home, sign up for Walmart’s free sample program. For $5 you can receive products from different brands to choose which ones you need the most.

Use a Walmart credit card

A person paying by credit card for the goods he wants to buy

The Walmart credit card is mainly useful for users who buy large quantities of products on a recurring basis and who want to get rewards for their loyalty. With the Walmart credit card, users get discounts of up to 3% on all purchases made online, as well as cash rewards on select purchases.

Visit the «Freebie stands»

The Walmart Freeosk is an excellent option to get all kinds of items without spending a single dollar. Free samples aren’t available at all of the chain’s locations, but they promise big savings on every purchase. Generic and well-known brands are included on these shelves, where shoppers can find free samples to test the quality of the products and thus decide which ones to buy in the future.

Buy refurbished items


People looking for new electronics will be able to find them at low prices in the aisles of Walmart and on its website, where refurbished items are on sale to the public. This means that the products have gone through a repair process for minor problems, allowing them to be sold at a very low price compared to the original price.

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