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Reggaeton singer Jehza murdered in Puerto Rico

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  • Reggaeton singer Jehza has been murdered in Puerto Rico.
  • It is the second violent death of a singer reported this month.
  • Authorities are investigating his murder.

A YOUNG SINGER’S LIFE IS TAKEN. Authorities confirmed the death of singer Jehza, at 32 years of age. The reggaeton singer was found lifeless inside a private home. First reports indicate that it was a homicide, due to gunshot wounds that were found on his body. His team and family have confirmed the news.

Fans have been saying goodbye to the reggaeton artist on social media. They are also demanding justice for his family. This killing is the second murder of a singer this month. Authorities have begun investigating to find the person or persons responsible for the death of the young singer. May he rest in peace.


Photo: Twitter

After finding a body in the area of ​​the Jardines de Country Club sub-division in Carolina, in the north of Puerto Rico, authorities confirmed that it was Jethzaniel Rosario Brito, better known as Jehza. The 32-year-old man was a famous reggaeton singer who was on the rise.

The investigation is ongoing and the singer’s family confirmed the sad news. According to authorities, the man was attacked on Sunday night and authorities were quickly alerted to the incident. At the moment, it is not known if there is a suspect in their crosshairs.

Reggaeton singer Jehza murdered: What happened?

Reggaeton Jehza murdered: What happened?
Photo: Twitter

Local media report that the Puerto Rico police announced that an anonymous call alerted them about an incident in the area where the singer was found. According to the preliminary reports, in the call to police it was mentioned that gunshots had been heard. Unfortunately, when the authorities arrived they found the reggaeton singer deceased.

Rumors began to emerge and it was then that the his representatives reported the death. So far, authorities have only been able to reveal that Rosario Brito was found with gunshot wounds in different parts of his body, according to the Efe agency. The authorities continue to search for more information about the case. Filed Under: Reggaeton Jehza Killed

Reggaeton Jehza murdered: Has it already been confirmed?

Reggaeton Jehza murdered: Has it already been confirmed?
Photo: Instagram

The reggaeton singer’s record company announced Jehza’s death. In the post, they stated that, “a son had left,” and that his loss was irreparable. White Lion Records said that they were devastated by the singer’s death and that they did not want to talk about it.

“PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO ANYONE. He was a son. I LOVED HIM SO MUCH,” wrote the reggaeton singer’s record company, White Lion Records. Various singers from Puerto Rico, friends and fans, have expressed their condolences to Jehza’s family and loved ones, lamenting his departure. Filed Under: Reggaeton Jehza Killed

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