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US postal worker ends up behind bars after being rude to a Hispanic woman

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Postal worker, jailed, discrimination, MundoNOW
Postal worker arrested (Photo: PHOTO: Miami Correctionals)
  • A postal worker was arrested for theft.
  • She was being rude to a Hispanic woman.
  • A man began recording with his cell phone.

Patrons at a Miami post office accused one of their employees of being racist.

She was refusing to wait on an elderly woman simply because she was speaking to her in Spanish.

“Their treatment of these people is discriminatory,” Miguel Bravo — another customer at the post office who came to the woman’s defense — told MundoNow

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Photo: MundoNOW

Bravo, who witnessed everything that happened, was so outraged by the employee’s behavior that he grabbed his cell phone and started recording the episode.

He emphasized that he was trying to remain neutral and simply record what was happening.

The lady was trying to tell the employee that she needed to send a certified letter.

Every time the woman explained that she did not speak English and tried to describe what she needed, the employee responded that she should explain in English.

Shintell Latoya Ford ends up in prison

Employee, prison, supermarket, jail, police
PHOTO: Miami Correctionals/ Shintell Latoya Ford

Finally, the lady said that she did not speak English and the worker’s response was simply: «Then get out,» Bravo said in his sworn statement at the police station.

“That affected me as a Latino and Hispanic, because you saw the hatred and the obvious discrimination that existed,” Bravo recalled.

When she realized she was being recorded, the employee shouted that she did not «Care about being recorded.»

However, after a few seconds she got angry, lunged at Bravo and forcibly snatched his phone away from him.

The post office employee stole Bravo’s phone

fear, phone, calls, cell phone, MundoNOW, employee
PHOTO: Shutterstock

“She attacked me and took my phone, she stole my phone,” Bravo said.

He continued: «They went into the back of the post office and there they tried to destroy my phone,» he said.

Bravo also said that Ford snatched his phone with such force that she actually injured his arm. «She hit me with a lot of anger and hatred that she hurt me,» he said.

On Saturday, December 9, police responded to the José Martí USPS branch, located in Little Havana.

Everything was caught on video

alarm, agents, Julio Velázquez, crime, criminal, prison
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Miami police spokesman Mike Vega told MundoNow that because she took a customer’s phone, Ford was arrested and charged with theft.

The arrest report details that Ford gave Bravo’s phone to a co-worker and he was the one who returned it to Miguel Bravo.

Miami-Dade Police took Ford into custody and she spent the night in jail.

She was charged with robbery with sudden snatching.

The postal employee was released on bail

Hispanic woman threatens, gun, explode, attack
PHOTO: Shutterstock

After spending a night in prison, she was released after posting a $5,000 bail.

Upon recovering his cell phone, Bravo posted the video to social media. Although the clip only lasts a few seconds, people immediately denounced the postal employee’s behavior.

Although the police are not charging her with racial discrimination, Bravo said that he will maintain his position and move forward with his complaint.

He was upset by the employees behavior throughout the incident. So see the video of the postal employee discriminating against the old lady CLICK HERE.

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