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Warning about murder hornets issued in the US

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  • Is it murder hornet season?
  • Authorities issue a warning about these insects.
  • Drones are ‘hunting’ murder hornet nests.

BE CAREFUL! Experts have issued a new warning to residents. While the summer season continues in the country, certain insects could present a danger. According to the reports, murder hornets are expected to start coming out of hibernation in the coming weeks.

For that reason, experts have issued a warning to prevent these deadly insects from attacking people and potentially killing them. At the moment, it is known that officials are working on locating their nests in order to warn people and ensure that there are no serious incidents.


Photo: Twitter

Recently, experts have issued a new warning to the community because dreaded murder hornets are coming out of hibernation. According to the warnings, these insects are expected to begin to leave their nests and could cause serious injury if they attack people.

Experts have begun tracking down their nests with drones and setting traps to keep people safe, The Sun reported. It is believed that murder hornets will come out of their hibernation period in mid-summer, so danger continues to lurk and therefore, they are asking people to take extreme precautions.

Do murder hornets attack humans?

Attack on humans?
Photo: Twitter

Although the hibernation period of the murder hornets is coming to an end, experts stated that they rarely attack humans, according to The Sun. However, although it’s rare for murder hornets to attack people, a sting could be fatal.

For this reason, it was announced that this summer there will be drones monitoring and searching the areas where these insects have their nests and are spending their hibernation period. For now, experts continue to search for these sites and warn the public to keep an eye out for the hornets.

Are they setting traps?

US murder hornets warning: Are they setting traps?
Photo: Twitter

A tweet from Good Morning America revealed that traps are being set up near the areas where the murder hornets are hibernating. According to the information they provided, experts are already hunting these insects in the Pacific Northwest. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“The hunt is on for ‘murder hornets’ in the Pacific Northwest. Washington officials are deploying 1,000 traps and using drones to track the invasive species as they come out of hibernation,” the show’s tweeted recently. At the moment, monitoring of this species continues. Filed Under: US Murder Hornets Warning

Are murder hornets a growing problem?

US murder hornets warning: Is it a constant problem?
Photo: Twitter

In an interview with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, Good Morning America addressed the recent problem with these insects and commented on the increase in nests and the general population of murder hornets. In the tweet that the program posted, they shared part of the interview and they pointed out that they are hunting the Asian giant hornets.

Sven-Erik Spichiger, who is a managing entomologist for the Washington State Department of Agriculture, said people need to treat the rise in murder hornet nests as a serious issue, and if left unchecked it could turn into an increase in reproduction of this species, noted The Sun. Filed Under: US Murder Hornets Warning

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