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Photos of new Miss Universe, Harnaaz Sandhu, without makeup (PHOTOS)

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  • Harnaaz Sandhu was the winner of the 2021 Miss Universe title.
  • Photos are leaked of what she looks like without makeup.
  • India took the crown in the beauty pageant.

The final round of the much anticipated Miss Universe beauty pageant aired on Sunday. People kept track of what was happening throughout the day and, in an unexpected twist, we all watched as Andrea Meza gave the crown to the contestant from India, Harnaaz Sandhu.

Andrea Meza presented the Miss Universe crown to an unexpected contestant. In the blink of an eye, Andrea Meza went from being the most beautiful woman in Mexico to exercising her royal authority as Miss Universe. Now, by saying goodbye to the crown, she helps another woman fulfill her dreams. But not everything is as it seems. We have photos of Harnaaz without makeup!

Harnaaz Sandhu won the Miss Universe crown

Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe
Photo: Instagram

The finalists had to answer a question asked by the jury. They answered one at a time while the other contestants couldn’t hear. The big winner of the night was Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu from India, who surprised everyone and filled her country with pride by taking the Miss Universe 2021 crown from former queen Andrea Meza who will now be working at Telemundo.

Alma Andrea Meza Carmona was born in Chihuahua on August 13, 1994. She is currently 27 years old. Miss Universe 2020 is a software engineer from the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, where she participated in her first beauty contest in 2015 where she won the UACH sash.

Harnaaz’s beauty is truly captivating

Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe
Photo: Instagram

Of course, Harnaaz’s exceptional beauty stood out immediately. But her poise and confidence while answering the jury’s questions was equally impressive.

People en Espanol shared some of the new Miss Universe’s words: “I believe that the greatest pressure from young people is to believe in themselves, to know that you are unique, that is what makes you beautiful. Stop comparing yourself to others, let’s talk about other things that are happening worldwide. It is what they have to understand. Speak for yourself because you are the leaders of their lives, you have your own voice. I believed in myself and that is why I am here.»

The winner of Miss Universe shared an emotional message

Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe
Photo: Instagram

Harnaaz shared a few words dedicated to her followers on social media a few hours after knowing that she would win the crown. She said that her faith was strong and she was filled with emotion at having come this far and was very grateful.

«Faith is not seen. It feels. It is the feeling that I have in my heart today. I have faith in God, in my family, and in the blessings they have bestowed on me. I have enjoyed my journey and as we approach the end of this beautiful contest, I want to relive memories with my family. I want everyone to know that I am grateful for each and every one of you and for all the experiences I had in this month and a half. I am already a winner.» Filed Under: Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe.

Harnaaz Sandhu is the new Miss Universe 2021

She is Harnaaz the new Miss Universe 2021
Photo: Instagram

The full name of this beautiful young woman is Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu. She was one of the youngest contestants at only 21 years old. If that were not enough, she is also an actress and model. Just a few days ago she had around 100,000 followers on Instagram and today, now that she has become Miss Universe and a favorite of many, she has over one million followers.

According to People en Español, this young woman has been concerned about the children in her country and which she works with a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and helping people born with a cleft palate. They make it possible for those children to receive life-changing surgery that improves their quality of life. Undoubtedly, she is a very dedicated and altruistic young woman.

The girl who took the crown makes an impression by posting a photo without makeup

The girl who took the crown makes an impression by posting a photo without makeup
Photo: Instagram

Harnaaz shared a photograph on Instagram in which she is seen without a single drop of makeup. She said this photograph is from 2017. At that time the charismatic girl was only 17 years old — still in her teens.

At that age it probably never crossed her mind that four years later she would end up being the most beautiful woman on the planet and win the crown that many yearn for. But it should be noted that at such a young age Harnaaz was already very sure that anything she dreamt of could come true, according to People.

Internet users comment on her photo

Given this, recent comments from Internet users were present
Photo: Instagram

After the beautiful woman decided to share this photo from her past, many of her followers reacted to the post and many of them were congratulating her for fulfilling her dream of winning the Miss Universe title. Others commented on how cute she was without makeup.

«I explored the first post to see your fight.» «It’s called life.» «How beautiful.» «Congratulations.» «You have achieved your goals.» «With and without makeup you are beautiful.» «I admire you.» «Keep fighting for your dreams.”  «How incredible.”  Filed Under: Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe.

Another photo leaks showing Harnaaz Sandhu without makeup

Another photo leaks in which Harnaaz Sandhu appears without makeup
Photo: Instagram

«Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you put your mind to it and keep a positive attitude.»  She posted this in May 2017 on her personal Instagram account accompanied by a photograph in which she is again seen without makeup. In this one she was also only 17 years old.

There is no doubt that from a very young age she pushed herself to achieve the goals that she set in life and, of course, although she does not wear exquisite makeup like when she was on television, this young woman showed her unique natural beauty from the time she was a teen.

The beautiful Harnaaz Sandhu has surprised many

Another photo leaks in which Harnaaz Sandhu appears without makeup
Photo: Instagram

Miss India, Harnaaz Sandhu, surpassed Miss Paraguay Nadia Ferreira and Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane becoming the new Miss Universe 2021 in the 70th edition of the most anticipated international beauty pageant which took place in Eilat, Israel.

A fact that may surprise you is that the Indian actress is about to release not one, but two limited series in 2022 according to the  Chicago Tribune. As if that were not enough, the highly prepared young woman is studying for a master’s degree in Public Administration. Perhaps this is why she was able to speak so confidently during the questions asked in the contest. Filed Under: Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe.

One of the questions that deeply affected Harnaaz was about climate change

One of the questions that caused the greatest impact for Harnaaz was about climate change
Photo: Instagram

According to the Chicago Tribune, during a round of questions they asked her what she would do to convince people who have the idea that climate change isn’t real to take it seriously. Her answer impacted the jury and the audience at home.

“It breaks my heart to see how nature is going through so many problems and it is because of our irresponsible behavior. I am convinced that this is the time to take action and talk less, because every action can kill or save nature. Preventing and protecting is better than repenting and repairing, that’s what I’m trying to convince you of today «, argument.

Andrea Meza shared emotional words

Andrea Meza dedicated some emotional words to the program
Photo: Instagram

“Almost since I was crowned with Miss Universe, the organization kept in mind the importance of me thinking about what I was going to do next and in what way I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity that winning the crown gives. With all the doors that were opened to me, I decided that I am going to work in the entertainment industry,» revealed the beautiful Mexican woman according to the  Mundo Hispánico’s coverage.

Beatrice Luigi Gallarde Gómez from the Philippines, also made it to the finals along with the Hispanic women, Nadia Tamara Ferreira from Paraguay and Valeria María Ayos from Colombia. At five o’clock, the top three finalists were named: Nadia Tamara Ferreira from Paraguay, Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu from India, Lalela Mswane from South Africa.

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